Is your 5K a Fundraiser?

Many non-profit organizations are turning to 5K races for fundraising.

In many areas the number of 5K races has increased substantially over the past few years.  While it was never easy to manage a 5K profitably, the increasing number of races available to local  runners has not made the 5K fundraiser any easier.

Most runners choose a race because the date works for them or a friend is running it. Most runners do not choose your race because it supports your programs. 

With so many choices available to runners, how do you make your race stand out? What makes your race unique?

Offering The My First 5K medal is a great way to add something unique to your race and fund raise without asking for a donation. children running. kids races

Every 5K has first time runners. Adding the My First 5K medal as an option on your registration is an easy way to increase your fund-raising Often these first timers are children and their parents are more than happy to buy a medal for them.

It’s a great way to celebrate a first run and a great way to encourage a child to keep on running.

Adults also buy these medals for themselves, their spouse, friend, or even their parent. The first person to buy a My First 5K medal was a woman who had just retired and was beginning her running adventure.

My First 5K Medal

My First 5K medal, runners medalWhen you include the My First 5K medal on your registration form and web page, usually 6% of registrations will include a medal. 

If your race supports a school or youth club the participation rate is higher. Holiday themed races also have higher participation rates.

How does the My First 5K Medal work?

  • Include the My First 5K Medal on your registration as an option
  • When selected, a fee of $9.95 is added to the registration total
  • Your organization keeps $4.00 for each medal
  • We send to you a medal and bib sticker for each runner who orders one
  • You do not need to collect money, design or budget for medals
  • After your race, send $5.95 to Omni Running for each medal sold

First 5k, my first 5k, bib sticker, stickers

The red bib sticker helps your volunteers identify each runner who is getting a medal.

You can give the medals at the finish line or call the kids up for their own awards ceremony.

I usually give the medals at the finish line. Most races place the sticker on the bibs before race day and keep a list of the bib numbers as back up.

We take the risk out and put the profit in to offering medals

If your race awards finisher’s medals, it’s a challenge to order the right amount. The My First 5K medal eliminates the guess-work: you get the medals ordered and paid for by your runners when they registered. 

5k medals, kids 5k running, running medals for kids

No upfront costs: Instead of buying medals, runners pay for them during registration. You pay after your race.

Always the right number of medals: We provide the medals your runners ordered and you never end up with extra medal, or disappointed runners.

High quality medals: These custom 2″ medals are similar to marathon medals.   

Increase fundraising: Offering a medal for first time runners is an excellent way to increase your registrations

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