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5K Medals for First Time runners — 12 Comments

  1. I think that is an interesting idea … I have never been about ‘the bling’, so my first 5K (which I ran at 46) was much more about winning an internal battle than external recognition. But I definitely think you are right – there is so much emphasis on medals that for a first-timer not getting a medal can be deflating. Food for thought …

    • Thanks. Most people who have run more than a few of these are not in it for the hardware.
      My first race was a half marathon, so we got a medal. I guess I was lucky and foolish enough to run a race distance that typically provides a medal.
      I don’t have any hard data, but I bet a lot of people are “one and done” with the 5K. The medal symbolizes an accomplishment like climbing Everest for them. Or having a baby. LOL. The ladies will kill me on that one!
      I think that for people who have clients visit them in their office, having a medal on the wall is a great conversation starter and ice breaker. Just my thoughts.
      Cheers – Andy

  2. Andrew – great read and product! I was wondering if you could do a product review for our post race direct mail piece that includes a custom oval – WhiteOvalMarketing.com – our b2c site at White-Oval.com has a LOT of first time 5’kers filling out for our free product. Thanks in advance

  3. While a medal at my first 5K would have been nice, I chose that race knowing I wouldn’t get one. It was a race in my hometown and running my first race there was special enough. They did give out a really nice medal to the kids who did the fun run, so my daughter has an awesome “first” medal.

    This is a great gift idea though. If my husband had greeted me with this medal when I finished I probably would have bawled right then and there.

    • I know it’s not for everyone. i think a spouse buying one to suprise their running spouse at the end of a race would be pretty cool. roses end up in the compost pile, a medal is forever!
      If that race in your home town is interested in this let me know. I’m trying to make the process of offering these to runners easy.
      Cheers – Andy

  4. I think this is a great idea. I’m not much on medals myself (although I love my Nike Women’s Half medal/necklace), but I know a lot of runners are. There are many, many new runners for whom a 5k is a personal triumph for so many reasons and I think it’s worth commemorating in a special way.

    • Thank you. My first race was a Half Marathon so I received a medal. I still have it and every time I look at it, it brings back memories.
      A first race is a milestone in life. For some people it is a “one and done”, a goal achieved. For many of us it is the beginning of a new chapter in our lives.

  5. Love this idea. My first 5k I chose because it had a medal (it was the same for the 10k and half marathon) but they offered little else. That same company still has other races in other states but has not been able to successfully run another race in GA. I personally love the bling and sometimes I race just so I can get a certain medal. Oddly with Ultra running the medals are usually extremely distinct and I love whatever the race is offering. Guess I am in-between philosophies right now. Of course I suddenly want belt buckles, but that will take some time.

    • I heard about the belt buckles. I wonder how they came up with that idea?
      I’m doing my first two races in November. Everyone I talk to loves this idea. I think I just need to get out there more.

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