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Running is my passion 

I've been a runner for 14 years. I run 5K, 10K, Half-Marathons and full Marathons. I've run 15 marathons so far and probably 30 Half-Marathons. Too many 5Ks to count and only about a dozen or so 10Ks.

Like most runners, The Half is my favorite distance. But I also enjoy 5Ks because there are so many of them. Some are big productions and parties and others are simple events with no frills.

Way back in 2003, I would never have imagined that I'd still be running today. Running has become my passion. I love nothing better than to go on a nice run with a friend or two and have a good conversation.


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The My First 5K Medal is how I help 5K races attract more runners and increase their fundraising.

I've worked out a simple process to add the My First 5K medal to a race.

Having a medal for first time runners is great for parents who want to encourage their kids to run.

While helping their favorite non-profit they can also get their kids out their enjoying a great run.


Omni Running Blog

I enjoy writing almost as much as I enjoy running. My blog is mostly about my running and races. I also do an occasional product review or write about something that interests me. My most popular blog posts are about nutrition and battling mother nature.

I also write posts on upcoming races, mostly in the Boston area. I spend a lot of time looking for races that you might not know about. Never miss another great local race!

I'm always looking for ideas and suggestions, so feel free to contact me at:

5K Fundrasing

Fundraisers should raise funds

5k medals,first 5kThis is not as easy as it sounds. As I reach out to 5Ks across the country I find many that have been cancelled or gone to an every-other-year approach.

It takes a lot of work to organize and run a 5K, and sometimes the results are not worth the effort.

As more groups fundraise through 5K races, the competition for runners has increased also.

To control expenses, many 5Ks stopped offering finisher's medal many years ago. I think that every first time 5K runner deserves a medal. Your organization can offer this great medal, raise additional money and make first time 5K runners very happy.

Please see our 5K Fundraising page to learn how we can help you attract more runners to your race and increase your fundraising.