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Omni Running is me Andy Nagelin, or the Omni Runner. I run all distances from the mile up to the marathon. So for lack of a better name, I went with omni for all and omni runner for running all distances.

Running is my passion 

I've been a runner for 14 years. I've run 15 marathons so far and probably 30 Half-Marathons. Too many 5Ks to count and about a dozen or so 10Ks.

I started running without giving it much thought. I got a charity number for the Boston Marathon through my employer and haven't looked back since.

You can read about my marathon experience and first running adventures in one of my first blog posts: My First Marathon Experience.  The way I did it is not the way anyone else should try their first marathon.

As a disclaimer let me state that I am not a trained coach or a professional runner. No one has trained me how to run. Just about everything I know and write about I learned the hard way, from someone else or I read about it.

I'm not a medical professional or dietitian. Everything I write should be taken like advice from a friend who knows a little bit more about something than you do. 

I love to run and I love to learn, talk and write about running. Running is my passion. The first thing that comes to mind when most people think of me is "runner." Like most runners I don't think I'm a runner or at least not a serious runner. Almost all of us are like that!

My Favorite Races

Like most runners, The Half Marathon is my favorite distance. Marathons take months of training and preparation. They also take a lot out of you physically and mentally. 

The half is easier to train for and is much less strenuous to run. But you still have to train for them! Half marathons are also easier to find than marathons. Within 50 miles of Boston you can probably find a half marathon to run almost any weekend. Often you will have a choice.

I love to run 5K races for several reasons. No matter where you live you can find a 5K on most weekends within a reasonable distance from your home.

Some are big productions and parties and others are simple events with no frills. I love the big productions as much as I love the old school $20, manually timed 5K road races. There's nothing like a 5K that's been around for years and run by a bunch of people from the local Kiwanis or Irish-American club.

But I've run the BAA 5K a few times also. Talk about a major production!

Omni Running Blog

I enjoy writing as much as I enjoy running. In my perfect life I'd run every day and write every day. Running is a great way to sort out your thoughts and ideas and every writer should be a runner also.

I write mostly about running and races. I also do an occasional product review of shoes, food or other gear. Sometimes I write about something unrelated to running just because it interests me. Some of my most popular blog posts are about nutrition and battling mother nature.

I also put together directories of 5K road races, mostly in the Boston area. I spend a lot of time looking for races and sometimes find ones that you might not know about. 

A few popular race directories are:

Somerville 5K Race Directory

Cambridge 5K Race Directory 

You can search my web site for your town, just use your town's name plus "5K Race Directory" or "5K."

I'm always looking for ideas and suggestions for blog posts, so feel free to contact me at:

Also, if you spot an error in a post let me know.