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At the recent Boston Marathon Training Clinic, Executive Director Thomas Grilk mentioned the new bag policy for 2014.

He said that “there will be no bags going into Hopkinton this year”. I was shocked by this statement and what it meant. I wrote to Marc Davis, the BAA’s Communications Manager, for clarification.

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Marc said that Mr. Grilk was speaking in general terms and that the baggage policy for the 2014 Boston Marathon has not been finalized. The final policy will be determined by public safety agencies and the BAA will follow their directions.

Some Relief

This gives me some relief. There is a possibility that we will be able to take bags to Hopkinton on Marathon Monday. There is also the possibility that we will not be able to take bags. I do not know Mr. Grilk personally. But the way he said this and the position that he is in leads me to believe that we will not be taking bags to Hopkinton. I hope I am wrong.

I hope that the BAA and the public safety agencies can come to some sort of an agreement. I think a good compromise to the no bag policy would be a clear bag. Runners would only be allowed the clear BAA bag issued at the Expo. Any other bag would be refused. I would accept a smaller bag and a reasonable bag search.

Marc went on to say that once the policy is finalized it will be immediately passed on to Boston Marathon runners. I want to thank Marc for his prompt response to my email and I hope the BAA can negotiate a reasonable bag policy with public safety officials.

Run well my friends!


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    1. Paul, Thanks for the links. I will post an update tomorrow. There was an article in the Sunday Boston Globe about this. I asked the BAA about it and they were a little short with me. I don’t think they even read my entire email to them.
      I think this is going to be a real pain for many runners.

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