2022 BAA 10K Running Tips

Are you running the BAA 2022 10K road race tomorrow?

BAA 10K Running Tips

I have included the BAAs tips for running in warm weather below.

Melrose Running Club, BAA 10K 2018 Here are a few of my race recaps from the past nine years. If I am able to run the race this year, it will be my 10th consecutive BAA 10K.

While the recaps below are stories of the runs they also have information about the course and how I ran the race in hot conditions, sometimes with an injury.

I hope you find some running tips that you can use for the 2022 BAA 10K road race.

2019 BAA 10K Recap

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2012 BAA 10K Recap

The BAA 10K warm weather running tips

Safety of their runners is always the #1 priority of the Boston Athletic Association. On Saturday they offered these tips for running in warm weather.

The B.A.A. advises all athletes to take some very basic steps to ensure your safety while running during warm or hot days.

1. Reduce your normal race pace: slow down! If the temperatures are warmer than normal, don’t worry about running a personal best or running at a pace faster than your training. Run at a slower pace, walk if you are feeling too warm, and seek medical attention if you are feeling the effects of heat Illness.

2. Keep in mind that the harder you work/run, the more heat your body will produce. If you are starting to feel the effects of the heat, slow down, stop if needed, and rest. Listen to your body!

3. Recognize the signs and symptoms of heat illness. General warning signs include headache, muscle cramps, nausea, vomiting, fainting, or loss of coordination.

4. Recognize early warning signs of dehydration. Dark yellow urine, loss of energy, dizziness, loss of coordination, muscle cramps, and headaches are all common warnings.

5. Rehydrate as needed. How much you drink depends on your size and how hot it is during the run. A normal rule of thumb is to drink six to eight ounces of fluid (water or sports drink) every 15 minutes of exercise in the heat. By weighing in before and after a workout or run, you can determine exactly how much fluid is lost during your run. Remember: approximately a pint of fluid will replace one pound of weight loss during exercise. On a very hot day, you can increase your fluid intake as much as 25% from this formula.

6. If you have heart or respiratory condition, or you are on any medications, consult your doctor about running in the heat. Know your body and limitations.

7. If you have a history of heatstroke/illness, run with extreme caution.

8. If you have had the COVID-19 virus in the past and are still experiencing fatigue and other post COVID-19 symptoms, evaluate your pace and effort in this type of climate.

9. Drink your fluids. Pouring water over your head feels great, but it does not necessarily help reduce your body temperature or prevent heat illness.

10. Wear light colored clothing. If you need to wear a hat, use a sun visor to protect your face from the sun.

11. Use sunscreen to protect your skin.

12. Avoid drinking coffee or any drinks with caffeine prior to the race.

A few final tips for you

If this is your first 10K, you should not set any lofty goals. This is a challenging race.

It will be hot and a lot of the race is in full sun.

Once the race leaves Kenmore Square it is mostly uphill until the turn the BU’s Agganis Arena.

If you have run 10Ks before but not this one, you might want to back off on your goal pace and time.

If you are in great shape and have trained to run a PR here, make sure you line up near the front of the pack. You know how to hydrate and prepare for challenging conditions. Your knowledge and experience will be put to the test.

Run well my friends!


2022 InterSystems Invitational 5K

This week we are in beautiful Seattle Washington for the InterSystems Global Summit 2022.

After two years of virtual summits we are are thrilled to be here in person, enjoying each other’s company and having a bit of fun along the way.

InterSystems Invitational 5K

This year we didn’t plan an “official” 5K, but since many of us are runners this run sprung up spontaneously like a shoot in the warm spring soil.

Our ring leader was Don Woodlock who gathered us together at 7AM Pacific Time in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency.

About a dozen of us headed out of the lobby for a fun run in the cool Pacific air.

Some of my colleagues from Brazil were bundled up like they were going out for a February run in Boston. They thought the rest of us were crazy to be wearing shorts!

The Old Man in not Down the Road

Don said he was going to run about a 9:20 pace. Normally that would not be a big deal for me, but I’m dealing with a never ending string of issues. The past few months has been a calf strain that I got going down a flight of stairs!

Hey, I’ve heard of people breaking their leg getting out of bed in the morning! So stop laughing. 😉

They tell us that they are pretty strict enforcing the J-Walking laws here in Seattle, so we stopped at all of the lights.

This allowed me to keep up with the crew for the first half-mile. At that point my left calf started to cramp and I had to walk. A colleague from Brazil stayed with me to make sure that I was alright.

I assured him that I was and that this was an old injury that I knew how to deal with.

At this point I had to give up my dream of a nice morning run along the water front in Seattle.

It was a little disappointing, but I was close enough to the Public Market that I was able to play tourist and take a few selfies.


After I took these photos I limped my way back to the hotel.

I took my phone hoping to take some additional photos and possibly a group shot, but everyone else continued on what I am sure was a great run.

Normally when I travel I go out for a run or two to see the city. Running is a great way to discover a city and get a feel for the vibe and energy.

It was fun to be part of this run and I’m glad that I at least gave it a shot.

The BAA 10K is on Sunday and this makes me worry just a little bit!

Run well my Friends!


Memorial Day Weekend Days Three and Four

A long paddle up The Charles River topped off with a brunch that can’t be beat!

Memorial Day weekend days three and four were awesome!

I always try to get most projects done Friday night and Saturday. It’s nice to have something to do on Sunday, but nothing major. Maybe finish a project but not to start a new all-day project.

That leaves my Sundays for running and watching TV. I’m not doing much running now, so I’m watching more TV than I used to.

I’m not really good at relaxing and sitting on my butt watching TV. So I often do my PT routine and other strength training activities in front of the TV.

Kettlebell weights, cross training, weight lifting It’s amazing what you can do with a few weights and a yoga routine. I used to call it my “hotel room workout” but I haven’t travelled much in two years.

I did get out in the yard for a bit but Memorial Day weekend day three was pretty quiet.

Memorial Day Weekend Day Four

On Monday we went kayaking on The Charles River.

We started in Waltham at the Paddle Boston launch. For Christmas I bought my wife a season family pass. She’s a teacher and goes kayaking several times a week while on summer break.

Memorial Day weekend paddle We met our oldest daughter there. She has one of the folding kayaks. It folds up to the size of a mid-sized suit case.

People stopped to talk to her about it when she was setting it up and breaking it down. At least a dozen people commented on it while we were out.

It is pretty cool.

Paddle Boston uses the public boat launch area in Waltham so they didn’t have any problems with her using the dock. They even helped her get into her kayak.

Monday was probably the best day of the weekend. It was warm and sunny with barely a breeze.

We left the dock around 10:20 and spent around three hours and fifteen minutes on the river.

Memorial Day weekend paddle The girls took it easy and didn’t paddle very hard. They had a good time chatting along the way and enjoying the day. We did manage to paddle over 7 miles.

I was trying to get some exercise so I looped around a few times and went into several coves. I ended up paddling 7.36 miles and burning over 900 calories.

I also went on the kayaking version of plogging.

I find it really hard to paddle past a nip bottle bobbing in the waves. Or leaving a bag or piece of Styrofoam floating in the water.

So I had that to keep me entertained as well.

We saw several pairs of swans, blue herons and lots of Canadian Geese.

It was nice to see Canadian Geese where they belong, on a river doing their thing.

Brunch for Lunch

By the time we handed in our gear and my daughter had her kayak folded up and back into her car, it was time for lunch.

Many years ago we live in Waltham, but the place has changed a bit! And now they close down Moody Street for several blocks and the restaurants take over.

We ate at In A Pickle which is famous for their brunch. They have been on The Food Network with Guy Fieri and in Boston on Chronicle.

I don’t go out for breakfast and I’ve been to brunch probably twice in my life.

It was around 1PM when we got to our table so we immediately sucked down a glass of water and ordered cocktails.

In a pickle, cocktails, raspberry lime ricky I had the Raspberry Lime Ricky. I usually go with beer, but this cocktail was awesome. It had enough vodka to cut the sweetness. It had pieces of raspberry to add some tang and it was cold and fizzy.

What else could you ask for after three plus hours on the river?

How about Pumpkin Bread French Toast?

I saw the picture on the menu and had to have it. It was out of this world.

This is what the owner cooked for Guy Fieri on The Feed Network, and he was impressed.

1 All I can say is that it was delicious and way more food than I could eat, even after a three hour workout. I took the left overs to work and almost didn’t need lunch.

Check out Guy Fieri’s review from his show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. How can I give it a better description or review?

There must have been over 2,000 calories on that plate. I’m sure I ate way more than the 900+ calories Garmin said I burned. But it was worth if.

When we go back to Waltham for another paddling trip, I’m getting That French toast again!

On the way home we stopped by to look at the house that my daughter and her boyfriend are buying.

It’s a great house in a great location. And like all houses in this market, it is overpriced and needs more work than you should expect at that price point.

But that’s what kids have to do these days.

New England Marathons Fall 2022

Looking for a great fall marathon in New England? This extensive listing of marathons all over New England is continually updated.

Updated June 18th

With Memorial Day behind us, it’s time to plan for your Fall New England Marathon for 2022!

Looking for a winter run? There aren’t many marathons in New England over the winter but I have a New England Winter Marathons 2021/2022 listing available HERE.

GREEN RACE – I am designating any race that makes a serious effort to reduce waste and keep recyclable materials out of a landfill.

Let your friends know about these great fall marathons! Click To Tweet

New England Marathons Fall 2022

Clarence Demar Marathon and Half-Marathon

Keene, NH | 25 September | Sunday

Start times: 7:00 AM FULL, 8:00 AM HALF

new england fall marathons, Clarence demar, New Hampshire Marathon

Registration is open at $110 for the full and $80 for the Half. There are only 600 bibs for each race, so don’t wait too long.

This point to point marathon is almost as legendary as the man.

Clarence Demar Memorial, Melrose In Melrose Massachusetts many of our club runs pass the monument to Clarence Demar. Many runners make it a point to touch the monument as they run by.

This race encompasses an entire weekend if you want it to. You can drive up to Keene Friday night and pick up your bib at Ted’s Shoe & Sport on Main Street. Drive the course or go for a short run on Saturday. Saturday night there is a pasta dinner at the Courtyard Marriott.

On Sunday buses take runners to the starting line at Gilsum Elementary School. The first Marathon bus leaves Keene State College at 5:15 AM and the last Marathon bus leave at 5:45 AM.

For the Half-Marathon, buses start leaving Keene State College at 6:30 AM. The last bus is 6:00 AM. Drop off point is Surry Mtn. Beach.

If you have never heard of Clarence Demar here is a brief bio.

The Clarence Demar Marathon is USATF Certified, a Boston Qualifier and a Runner’s Choice Award recipient from



Fly to Pie Kingdom Marathon, Half and 10K

Newport, VT | 1 October | Saturday | 9:00 AM

Fall New England Marathons, Vermont races, Vermont marathon Run it – Bike it – Hike it – But do it!
Doin’ the dirt through “the gut” of the Northeast Kingdom – 26.2 miles, 17 miles, 13.5 miles and 6 Miles courses.

Registration is open at: $95 for the Marathon and 17 Mile Iconoclast, Half Marathon is $75 and the 10K is $45.

Registration is limited to 100 per distance race and 200 for the 10K run/walk.

If you want to run this race you should read their disclaimers are register today!

There are four great routes, offering four very different options to all types of athletes, runners, bikers, and hikers of all ages and all abilities.

A tough, “vista riddled,” and spectacularly beautiful full marathon that will challenge the best marathon runner.

The 13.5 distance is also the course for the family bike challenge is perfect for kids and parents of all ages.

The 17 mile Iconoclast for something just a little different. (It’s a great training run for the NYC Marathon) And, new in 2016, a 6 mile walk, run, or bike from Irasburg Common to Parker Pie.

For one day in September, we fill these dirt roads through “the gut” of The Northeast Kingdom. Everybody but the 6 milers start at Lakeview Aviation at the Newport Airport in Coventry and heads one way or another to Parker Pie in West Glover, with a great pizza party, great beer, and great music. 6 milers start at Irasburg Common. Shuttle service back to the start is provided by our friends at Jay Peak.



28th New Hampshire Marathon, Half-Marathon & 10K

Bristol, NH | 1 October | Saturday | 9:00 AM

New Hampshire Marathon, Fall New England Marathons

This event features a 1-mile kids race and registration is FREE.

Registration is open at – $80 for the marathon, $60 for the half and $40 for the 10K.

Prices increase by $10 on August 30th and another $10 on race day.

You can run any distance virtually for a fee of $25. Get a medal and shirt mailed to you for an additional $15.

This is a hilly race with about 150 finishers in the Marathon and Half in 2021.

You may want to drive up Friday and enjoy the pasta dinner at 5:00pm at the Union Lodge, and get a good night’s sleep.

This race takes place around Newfound Lake, and lodging options are listed on the race website.

The New Hampshire Marathon is a Runner’s Choice Award recipient from!

All three races are USATF Certified and the New Hampshire Marathon is a Boston Qualifier!

Cash prizes for the top finishers of all three races! NH Marathon course video



NipMuck Trail Marathon and Relay

Ashford, CT | 2 October | Sunday | 8:00 AM

The race is a double out-and-back covering a distance of 26.4 miles. The course is simply a 13-mi-long, northern section of the Nipmuck Trail, which is one of the Blue-Blazed trails managed by the Connecticut Forest and Park Association.

Registration is open!

$35 for the marathon and $60 for the marathon relay. On August 1st the marathon goes to $40 and the marathon relay to $70.

Registration is limited to 180 runners in total and there is no race-day registration.

The start line, and middle point, is located at Perry Hill Rd in Ashford. The course runs south for 6.2 mi until reaching Rt 44, then back to the start, then north for 7 mi until reaching Boston Hollow Rd, and finally back to the finish/start line at Perry Hill Rd.

The NipMuck Trail Marathon is a classic old-school trail race taking place along a northern section of the Nipmuck Trail. The race aims to preserve many of the qualities from the early days of the New England trail racing scene.

The race site warns of rough terrain and that in some areas an injured runner may wait an hour or more for medical assistance. This is not for the casual runner!




Maine Marathon Half-Marathon and Relay

Portland, ME | 2 October | Sunday | 7:45 AM

Maine Marathon, New England Fall Marathon After going virtual in 2020 and in-person for 2021, 2022 will feature both in-person and virtual events!

Registration is open! – $30 for any of the virtual events.


$85 – Marathon
$60 – Half Marathon
$160 – Marathon Relay

First price bump is July 1st.

This is a Maine Track Club event and approximately 40% of gross revenue is donated to charities each year.

Featuring an out-and-back course with rolling hills and views of the Portland skyline, the Back Cove, Casco Bay, and peak fall foliage.

The Marathon is USATF certified and a Boston Marathon qualifier. The Half Marathon is also USATF certified and the Marathon Relay is a unique 2 to 4-person marathon-length event.

While the Maine Marathon community is hopeful for a return to live racing, we will continue to offer our virtual race option, which, in addition to the full, half and relay, includes a 5K and 10K, so all can enjoy this race safely wherever they may be.

We’re also committed to providing as much certainty as we can in these constantly changing times, which is why we have a refund policy if your — or our — plans change. Maine Marathon course video



Joe English Twilight Challenge

Amherst, NH | 1 October | Saturday |5:00 PM

The Joe English Twilight Challenge is an evening/night trail run hosted by Freestyle Farm in Amherst, NH. The event consists of a marathon, a half-marathon and a 6-hour ultra-marathon. The marathon and half-marathon may be run individually or by relay teams. The relay teams (half or full marathon) consist of 2 or 5 runners completing either 5 or 10 laps on a 2.62-mile loop beginning at 7:00 p.m. The 6-hour ultra-marathon begins at 5:00 p.m. and ends at 11 p.m. Ultra participants run the 2.62-mile loop continuously for 6 hours.

Most of the race will be run at night on the groomed equestrian trails at Freestyle Farm.

The event is expected to draw 350 runners ranging from casual athletes to experienced ultra-runners. The event is set within a unique venue with high quality trails around a 50-acre pond. The course will be marked with fluorescent light sticks, ground flags and signal fires.

New Hampshire trail race, ultra marathon, new England marathons fall

Medals will be awarded to the first and last place finishers.

All proceeds benefit the Amherst Land Trust. The trust protects rural, scenic, and open-space lands for future generations. Founded in 1975, the trust has worked to educate the public about conservation and protect thousands of acres of land similar to the lands across which most of the challenge runs.

Registration is open: at $35 for adults and $30 for youth for all distances.

This race is USATF Sanctioned.


Hartford Marathon, Half-Marathon & 5K

Hartford, CT | 8 October | Saturday

Registration is open: Marathon – $111, Half Marathon – $86, 5K – $31, Youth Charity 5K – $20. HMF FitKids is only $12.00

All virtual races are $46.00


hartford marathon, new england fall marathons 2022 marks the 28th running of the Hartford Marathon, wherever you run it.

I ran this marathon in 2012 and can verify that it is very well-organized with lots of community and spectator support.

You can read my race recap HERE.

The Hartford Marathon Foundation takes sustainability seriously. Click HERE to see how they make their races eco-friendly.

When you run the virtual events this year, be sure to keep the spirit alive and be responsible with your trash.

359 people ran the virtual marathon and 1,135 ran the virtual half. Thousands of people ran the 5K and 10K.


2020 Virtual Results


Amica Newport Marathon & Half

Newport, RI | 9 October | Sunday | 7:30 AM

Amica Newport Marathon 2022

Race along the ocean and help support six local charities.

The Amica Newport Marathon was recently voted as having the “Best Half Marathon” and “Best Race Swag” in the Northeast by Competitor Magazine.

In 2018 they were voted as the “Best Marathon in Rhode Island” and a “Top 20 Half Marathon in the USA”.

Registration for 2022 is open! Marathon $104, Half Marathon $82 through July 31st.

Both races are USATF Certified and the marathon is a Boston Qualifier.

Shuttle service to the start begins at 5AM. FREE PHOTOS and bag check will be available.

This is something that I wish more races did. I have bags of race shirts already.

Donate Your Shirt to Charity
You are now able to opt out of receiving your event t-shirt when registering. We will then in turn donate the cost of producing that shirt to our partner charities, and announce the donation amount from this initiative following the event.

The race’s charitable partners are the Aquidneck Land Trust, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center, Boys Town New England, The YMCA Newport, and Clean Ocean Access and other local non-profits.



51st GMAA Green Mountain Marathon & Half

South Hero, VT | 16 October | Sunday | 8:30 AM

The marathon and half-marathon begin and end near the house where Clarence H. Demar, 7 time Boston Marathon Winner, once lived.

vermont marathon, fall new england marathon It is out and back on the west shore of South Hero and Grand Isle; a land of farms, apple orchards and summer cottages. The terrain is flat to rolling and about half dirt road (hard packed and well maintained).

The half marathon course is an out and back that finishes at the Folsom School (same as the full marathon).

Both races are USATF Certified: VT15301JK

Registration is open!

This is a race for runners by runners and has a reasonable registration fee of $60 for the marathon and $40 for the Half. Day of registration is $70 and $50, respectively.

Field is limited to 750 runners.

2019 Event Results

2021 Event Results

CircumBurke Trail Challenge

East Burke, VT | ? October | Sunday | 8:02 AM – CANCELLED

Burke Mountain, Sherburne Lodge, East Burke, VT

This race was cancelled in 2020 and 2021. I’ll keep an eye out to see if they schedule the race for 2022.

Circumbruke Trail Challenge, fall new england marathons, vermont marathon

This year, in order to maintain the social distancing priority, participants can choose out of 6 dates to complete the course – each day’s registration is capped at 50.

Participants will be released periodically in waves to maintain space from the start of the Challenge.

The Ride With GPS app will be used to map and track progress. Participants must have access to a device to run the app during the event.

The Marathon Trail Run is one 27 mile lap and starts at 8 AM. The CircumBerzerk Bikers MTB Challenge starts at 10 AM.

This 27 mile circuit brings athletes through single track and logging trails on Burke Mountain, the Victory Hill Sector and Kingdom Trails.

The one lap event is for runners or bikers. The two lap “CircumBerzerk 50+ miler is for bikers only.

Elevation gain on the course is more than 3,000 feet.

Registration is closed

Late (onsite) registration was $160. Number pickup & late (onsite) registration is at Sherburne Lodge from 5:00 to 7:30 PM and on race day from 6:45 until 9 AM.

All proceeds go towards building and maintaining trails along the route!

Start/Finish Venue: Burke Mountain, Sherburne Lodge, East Burke, VT 05832


Mohawk Mountain Races

Cornwall, CT | 15 October | Saturday | 8:00 AM

In cooperation with Mohawk Mountain, the Mohawk Mountain Race is sponsored by Steep Endurance at Mohawk Mountain in Cornwall, CT.

Normally a ski mountain in the winter, the mountain will be transformed into a super fun course! With its challenging ascents and descents on the ski mountain, it is sure to be a race to remember with sweeping viewpoints of the popping Fall foliage at every turn. With several distances to choose from (5K/10K) and NEW this year, Half Marathon/Marathon options, there’s something for every member of the family!

Registration opens soon: $85 for the 8 hour event, $125 for the 2-person 8 hour relay, $45 for the 10K and $40 for the 5K.

While this isn’t a marathon, it is a fall running event, and we don’t have many to pick from this year.

Trapp Lodge Mountain Marathon

Stowe, VT | 16 October | Sunday | 8:00 AM

This race will challenge you! Although Trapp lodge has some of the smoothest, most runnable trail around, they also boast some incredible single track. Steep climbs and descents and a newly updated climb to the highest point on the Trapp Lodge Property; Round Top Mountain!

The 13.1 mile loop course is approximately 2/3 double track wide trails and dirt roads, and 1/3 serpentine, rugged single track. Full marathon racers will traverse this loop twice. This is a challenging trail race with significant elevation gain and loss and some steep scrambling segments.

2022 registration is open Full Marathon is $95 and the Half is $85 until July 31st when prices increase by $10.



Mount Desert Marathon, Half and Relay

Bar Harbor, ME | 16 October | Sunday | 8:00 AM – Marathon and Marathon Relay,
Half begins at 8:30 in Northeast Harbor

MDI Marathon, Maine Marathon, fall new england marathons

Named ‘Most Scenic & runner-up Best Overall Marathon’ by Runner’s World

New England Runner Magazine’s Race of the Year! And many other accolades, too many to list here.

The Marathon and Marathon Relay begin in Bar Harbor, hits the half-way mark near Northeast Harbor and ends in Southwest Harbor.

Miles 12 through 19 are run along the eastern shore of Somes Sound, the only true fjord on the Atlantic Coast. While the entire island is beautiful, Somes Sound has always been one of my favorite areas on MDI.

The Half Marathon begins at 8:30AM in Northeast Harbor and runs north along Somes Sound for five miles.

The marathon had 737 finishers in 2018, and the half had 632 finishers. The Marathon is USATF Sanctioned & Certified: ME12018JK.

Registration is open at $110 for the Marathon, $95 for the Half, Three-person relay is $80. Next price increase of $10 is June 1st.

PAST RESULTS – All races

Baystate Marathon & Half Marathon

Lowell, MA | 16 October | Sunday | 8:00 AM

Registration is open – $95 for the Marathon, $80 for the Half and $40 for the half-marathon relay.

baystate, bay state marathon This marathon always sells out. There are very few flat marathons in New England, but Baystate is one of them.

If you are looking to qualify for Boston, this is a good choice. The race is mostly flat with the bridges over the Merrimack having the most elevation gain. Part of the course is a double loop, so it can be challenging to see the “Mile 22” sign when you are at Mile 12 and starting to feel it.

This is a well supported race with local high schools competing to have the best water stop! There is plenty of parking at the Tsongas Arena garage.

This is a favorite race for many GBA runners and had about 1,300 finishers in 2018. I’ve run Baystate four times. Baystate Recap – 2014 Baystate Marathon course video

EVENT RESULTS 2021 back to the 90s!

8th Annual Ocean State Rhode Races

Narragansett, RI | 23 October | Sunday | 7:30 AM


rhode island marathon, fall marathons

The Marathon starts at 7:30AM, Half at 8AM and the 5K at 8:15AM.

2022 registration is open!

Marathon – $95, Half Marathon – $70, 5K – $28

Virtual Marathon and Half – $50, virtual 5K – $30.

Next price increase is April 30th.

These races feature FREE PHOTOS and a secured bag check at the start.

The Marathon is a Boston Qualifier. The Ocean State Rhode Races Half is the final stop of the Rhode Race Series, a four stop series of Rhode Island Half Marathons.

This race harkens back to the original Ocean State Marathon with the start in Narragansett Beach.

It follows beautiful Rt 1a and showcases wonderful ocean views, old stone walls, working farms, estuaries and kayak stands. It really is a pretty one.

It is a smaller marathon so if you are looking to BQ – you won’t have to fight through crowds of people at the start.

Rhode Races & Events is committed to recycling at this year’s Ocean State Rhode Races. Road Races create a lot of waste, but we’ll reduce our footprint by diverting hundreds of pounds of cardboard boxes, water jugs, and plastic bottles from the landfill.

To learn more about our race day efforts and how you can help – please click this link. Additionally – all clothing discarded at the start of the race will be donated to North American Family Institute.

Rhode Races offers a variety of discounts and packages for companies looking to foster their corporate health and wellness initiatives. Employees training and participating together helps promote team camaraderie, increased branding and a sense of goodwill. Join our Corporate Fit Challenge and compete to be the “Most Fit” or the “Most Philanthropic” business. Learn more


Mayflower Wind Cape Cod Marathon and Half Marathon

Falmouth, MA | 1-2 October | 8:00 AM – Saturday and Sunday

cape cod marathon, New England fall marathons This is a great fall Cape Cod racing event.

Registration is open at: $95 for the Marathon, $85 for the Half, and $35 for the 5K.

Marathon and Half registration increases by $15 on August 2nd.

Included in entry fee: (subject to change due to state/town COVID health restrictions on race weekend)

Gender-specific long sleeve shirt
Customized bib with the first name spelled how you registered (if registered by September 13, 2021)
Secure gear check
Boston Qualifier and certified race course stocked with water and Gatorade
Unique coastal medal
Hot clam chowdah and soup station with vegan, gluten free and dairy free options at the finish line!
Apple cider donuts!
The best town, volunteers and committee to support you!

The marathon was named “The Best Marathon in Massachusetts” by the RaceRaves in 2018.

All Event Results

Cape Cod Marathon Half

Falmouth, MA | 1 October | 8:00 AM

Please see above for details and registration.


Clam Chowdah Challenge

Falmouth, marathon, half, clam chowder, chowdah

The Clam Chowdah Challenge consists of the half and full marathon run on Marathon weekend.

Are you up to the Chowdah Challenge?

All finishers of the Clam Chowdah Challenge will receive a chowdah bowl and “medal” spoon, medals for both races and a race shirt.

Run the Chowdah Challenge for $185

Previous Marathon and Half Marathon results

In 2019 the organizers implemented changes to minimize the environmental impact of these races. They are reducing waste by:

Replacing plastic bags with Eco-Friendly for Number Pick Up bags
Providing compostable cups at all water stops
Replacing single-use plastic water bottles with reusable water bottles at the finish lines
Creating Compost/Recycle/Trash stations at the finish line
Providing compostable bowls and spoons for the soup and chowder at the marathon and relay finish line
Recycling left over medals when needed

While running your virtual race you can reduce your footprint also.

Don’t toss water bottles or drop that tare off from your gel pack. If you have trash while you are running, hold onto it and look for a trash barrel.

8th Annual LOCO Half and Full Marathon

Newmarket, NH | 23 October | Sunday | 8:00 AM

loco marathon, new hampshire marathon, Newmarket Marathon

Registration is open!

The 8th Annual LOCO half and full Marathon is a spectacular 13.1 mile loop course run completely on tree-lined rural roads.

It travels through four local coastal towns: Newmarket, Lee, Epping and Newfields New Hampshire.

Not only is a scenic course, it is designed to be fast and easy. Half marathoners run one loop. Marathoners run a second loop. For the past two years over 32% on average of marathoners qualified for the Boston Marathon.

The Marathon is a double loop of the Half-Marathon. It’s all country roads and 3 miles of rail trail.

This is a runner’s race. The finish time cut-off for 59 years and under is 4:30. For 60 and older it is 5 hours even.

Most marathons have a 6 hour cut-off time. If you are running to see the foliage, you may want to pick another race. If marathon runners cannot make the half-way mark by 2:15 or 2:30 for 60+ years, you will be pulled from the course!

Oh, and marathon runners MUST bring photo ID. So no faking 60+ to get the extra 30 minutes to finish the race!

Cut-off time for the Half-Marathon is 2:30.

The course is USATF Certified at 13.10938 miles. Combined registration is limited to 1,000 runners. Finisher’s medals for all marathon finishers!

Hot food will be served after the race and Smuttynose Brewing will be pouring!

Registration is $79 for the marathon and $59 for the half marathon. Prices increase $20 on June 27th.


Nor’Witch Halloween 25K, 50K and 100K

Norwich, VT | ? October | Sunday | 9:00 AM – CANCELLED

Challenging in true Vermont tradition, expect elevation gains between 1400′ and 3550′ !

The course is not, repeat, NOT certified! Being hilly, you can also expect to run between 30-45 minutes slower than your average flat marathon time making a BQ pretty unlikely for many if not most.

The Half’witch time limit of 6-hours and gentle downhill final portion of the course are a great combination for walkers, even with all those 1,400 feet of hills thrown in! You’ll feel like Superman or Wonder Woman at the finish line!

The Roxbury Marathon and Roxbury Half Marathon

Roxbury, CT | 12 November | 8:30 AM – waiting on details

The Roxbury Marathon and Roxbury Half Marathon are hilly, no-frills foot-races that are run over some of the roads used by the Roxbury Races annual series (about 40 races from February into early December each year).

The entry fee is $35 for the half marathon and $40 for the marathon to cover costs.

Registration for 2022 is not open and the race may have been cancelled.

Manchester City Marathon, Half, Relays & 5K

Manchester, NH | 12-13 November | Sunday | 7:30 to 9:30 AM

You have the option to run in Manchester or run a virtual race.

Virtual races can be run between November 2nd and 8th.

New Hampshire Marathon, Fall marathon New England





This event will utilize “time trial start” format that will facilitate “social distancing” for the entirety of the event. Participants will be seeded based off their self-submitted paces. Athletes will start one-by-one in a time-trial format, 10 seconds after one another. Participants will be assigned a dedicated start time along with specific times for parking, check-in time and report to corral time.

See there website for more details.

The largest New Hampshire marathon, Manchester is USATF Certified and a Boston Qualifier.

The web site describes the race as hilly, challenging and scenic. Many friends have run this race and only had good things to say about their experience.

Registration OPEN – $90 for the Marathon, $75 for the Half, $160 for the 4-way Marathon Relay and $110 for the 2-way Marathon Relay. The 2-way Half Relay is $95. The 5K is $25.

The virtual marathon and half are $40. The virtual 5K is $30.

Prices increase on June 10th 2022.

The first 2,000 runners will receive a long sleeve event shirt. All runners will enjoy Sam Adams beverages as well as flat bread pizza, Dasani water and Stoneyfield yogurt.

Free race photos, finisher video and bag check will be available.

EVENT RESULTS 2019 Manchester City Marathon course video

The Millinocket Marathon & Half

Millinocket Marathon, Maine marathon

Millinocket, ME | 3 December | Saturday

Marathon starts at 10AM
Half Marathon starts at 10:10 AM

There is no registration fee for this race. This New England Marathon was conceived of as a way to help the economy of a Northern Maine former mill town: Millinocket.

When I was growing up the paper industry made Millinocket a bustling town. While I was attending college at The University of Maine the mill was on it’s last legs. Everyone knew that hard times were coming, just like they did in so many other mill towns across America.

Just like other mill towns across the country, Millinocket is working to reinvent itself.

This race allows you to be a part of that revival and run a great marathon or half marathon.

This race is at least five hours north of Boston. Throw in some traffic or weather and you’ll be well beyond five hours. Just keep that in mind.

Oh, it it’s guaranteed to be cold. It’s just a question of how cold. Keep this in mind before you register.

A note from the Race Director:

Important: Please don’t register unless you are somewhat serious about traveling to Millinocket in the first place. Although our race is FREE, we still prepare bib numbers and accrue expenses to prepare for your participation. We totally understand that life happens, but if you can’t come, don’t just NOT show up; it’s very important to officially cancel your registration in a timely manner so that those volunteering their time and funds do not expend them unnecessarily. Thank you for your understanding — we can’t wait to see you in the Magic City!

2021 Race Results

Looking for a Winter 2019 marathon? Click HERE.

Run well my friends!


Memorial Day Weekend Day Two

Day two of Memorial Day Weekend was a little quieter.

Memorial Day Weekend Day Two Accomplishments

I guess that the biggest accomplishment is that I didn’t do very much and I didn’t feel bad about it.

My car hasn’t moved since Friday afternoon! And I still haven’t washed it.

I did manage to sit down to my computer and write a blog post. It’s been a while since I’ve written a truly new post.

When I sit down to my computer I often get sucked down a rat hole.

There are always email accounts to clean up. Often there is something interesting or even important that requires my attention.

Then there is transferring photos from my phone to my desktop. I always do this since it is an easy backup storage method for my phone. Once the photos are transferred I can delete any that are not that important or I just don’t want to keep.

It’s hard to avoid that shiny object since the folder pops up on my screen as soon as I plug my phone in to charge. I know, don’t plug your phone in!

My photo folders are a mess and sometimes I get sucked into organizing things.

Do garden photos belong in the Garden Photos folder or the Home 2022 folder? And if I used a photo in a blog post should it go in my Blog Photos folder?

There must be a way to “put” a photo in more than one folder. And there must be a way to edit a photo that is “in” one folder and decide if you want to save the edit to the copies stored in another folder.

Who wants to spend a day tagging all of their photos so you can search on tags? That would be a multi-day rat hole.

I may have just given away the idea for the next “killer app”.

Memorial Day Weekend Gardening

Memorial Day weekend is usually a safe time to put plants outside. I’ve been working on some of these for months, so I like to be careful.

Tomatoes, cabbage and cukes in starter pots Some plants are in the garden already, but I had another eight tomato plants that were growing out of their pots.

It was either move them or watch them die. Those tiny starter pots dry out quickly and the heat this weekend doesn’t help.

I also had some cabbages that were still too small to go in the ground so I put them into bigger posts.

Those plants in the foreground are some cucumbers that I planted about two weeks ago. I’m pleased to say that they are still alive!

We had some rain Friday and Saturday night, so planting yesterday turned out to be a good idea.

String Bean Rack and Potted Tomatoes, garden, gardening While Massachusetts is officially in a mild drought, the rain has kept the soil in my garden moist. At least the top inch or so.

The garden is always slow to get started and each year I feel like the garden is going to be a flop. But something always grows!

The conditions are different each year and each year different plants do better than others.

For the past four years I’ve been using raised beds. They are a little easier on the back to work on and you have more control over the soil.

Raised Bed with Swiss Chard and Carrots, garden, gardening This year some of my carrots actually came up. Two years ago I was able to grow beets. Swiss Chard seems to be my sweet spot. I’ve grown it successfully two years in a row now.

Those rails are from some broken lounge chairs. I used them to hold up a large sheet of plastic to keep the late frost off of my seedings.

These have all been in the ground for about six weeks.

In the back of the bed some beets have emerged and hopefully some more lettuce will soon show.

Memorial Day Weekend Visitors

My youngest daughter lives about 20 miles away and only comes home once in a while.

This weekend was Anime Boston so she stayed with us Friday night.

When I shut off the lights around 10:30 Friday night she wasn’t here, so I figured that plans had changed.

Then Saturday morning I was in the kitchen getting some coffee and in she walks. She came home after 11PM Friday night, and Ma and Pa Kettle had turned in for the evening by then!

It was a pleasant surprise. She wasn’t here long but we all chatted for an hour or so and got caught up on things.

Then around 3 o’clock my oldest daughter showed up. Totally unexpected by me.

She ended up staying until almost 9PM!

She had taken her grandmother out to lunch and stopped by to visit us since she was in the neighborhood.

She finally got an offer on a house excepted and is very excited.

Even though the house was expensive, there is still much that needs to be done. Such is the state of the real estate market in greater Boston, and I guess the entire country.

We ordered out for dinner and had a nice long conversation about all kinds of things.

I don’t think we’ve seen both girls on the same day since Christmas. And with all the crazy shit going on in our country, it was nice to talk and give a hug or two.

So not a lot of exciting goings on but over all I’d say another great Memorial Day Weekend day!

Run well my Friends!


Memorial Day Weekend Day One

Holiday weekends are always great. Adding a vacation day to make it a four day weekend is even better!

Memorial Day weekend is here!

Day One of Memorial Day weekend 2022

As June 1st rapidly approaches, I decided to take a day off from work and make this a four-day weekend.

Taking a week day off has some great advantages to it.

All the stores are open and if you run your errands in the morning there aren’t any crowds.

Like most people my age, a day off from work, or a stay-cation even becomes a chance to get things done.

Memorial Day One Accomplishments

I’m driving an 18-year old BMW 325xi. Like any car that old, something always needs some attention.

A few weeks ago I replaced the headlight assemblies because the lenses were beyond repair. WD-40 only worked for a few days.

As a do-it-yourself project it cost about $300.

BMW 325xi 2004 In April I realized that my exhaust was probably too loud to pass inspection. A specialty muffler shop welded in some pipe where the flanges on two pipes were too rusted to just replace the gasket.

Definitely not a do-it-yourself project! Total cost $255.

I was in and out of that muffler shop in under an hour and it didn’t cost $1,000. I was thrilled!

On Wednesday I took my car to Monro Muffler to get the front stabilizer links replaced. Total cost $312.49. These guys sent me to the other muffler shop for the welding and told me about my suspension issues.

I know, you are thinking that all of that is really adding up. Those three items came to $867.49 which is a lot of money.

But that is about two payments on a replacement car and we are five months into the year. So I’m still ahead three months of car payments.

Best of all, my car passed inspection on Friday. So I have more time to look for a replacement car.

It’s always a relief when they back my old car out of the garage and it doesn’t have a rejection sticker on it!

My wife is beginning to think that I’m doing too many repairs. Last weekend she was browsing a local BMW dealer’s site and made some suggestions!

Most guys would take that approval and head for the dealership.

But most dealerships have limited inventory and they do not need to cut you a deal. It’s just not a good time to buy a car. On top of that, they are not going to give me much for an 18-year old car.

And I kind of like having a project to do and not having a car payment.

Memorial Day Weekend sales

I’ve been going to physical therapy for a vey long time.

During my appointments, my PT often has me use kettlebells.

These are great weights to use and are very versatile.

During my travels on Friday I stopped by our local Target store. Some of the PTs where I go suggested Target as a good place to find kettlebells.

I had been shopping on line for them but they were expensive and cost a fortune to ship. Who would think to go to Target for weights?

Turns out they have a fairly good selection of fitness gear, but nothing heavy duty.

The prices on the kettlebells on display were higher than what I saw on line and were coated in plastic. I wanted just iron kettlebells.

I had to make some detours around the store because isles were blocked by employees stocking shelves.

As I went down one isle I noticed some kettlebells on a bottom shelf and a sign that said “clearance sale”.

I wasn’t sure why weights would be on clearance, but who am I to ague with saving money?

Kettlebell weights, cross training The selection was limited, but I bought two 25lb weights and one 12lb.

One of the 25lb weights didn’t have a tag and the cashier scanned the 12lb weight twice. I didn’t notice until I got home.

The 25lb weights had been $59.99, marked down to $29.99 and my price was $17.99.

The 12lb weight had been $34.99 and I paid $10.49.

But I only paid $17.99 for one 25lb and $10.49 the the second one.

It was a total deal and I didn’t have to pay for shipping!

While I was putting my things on the check out counter the woman in front of me noticed the weights. We started chatting and she mentioned that she had been looking for kettlebells. Just like me, she thought that they were expensive. She was thrilled when I mentioned that they were on sale!

She said she was going to put her things in her car and come back in to look for them. And probably buy more other stuff.

As I was walking out of Target she was walking across the parking lot to go back into the store and find those weights.

So not only did I get a great deal, but I was able to help someone else get a great deal also.

As I drove home I felt great about the entire experience.

I’m not sure how much I’ll get done the rest of this Memorial Day weekend, but I think I’m off to a good start.

Run well my Friends!