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Buying Running Shoes — 4 Comments

  1. This post was great, very informative! I totally agree with the statement about buying a shoe that is a brand that fits you. I have tried Asics, Reebok, New Balance, and Nike. The first 3 all gave me blisters and didn’t seem to fit ‘right.’ Then finally, I went to a running store (just as you mentioned– best place ever) and got fitted for a pair of Pegasus Nike shoes. I love them. I have been buying this kind of the past 2 years and never had any problems.

    I did not know anything about pronation and a few other words you threw out there… thank you for the insight!!

  2. Thanks for a great post! I just got my gait analysis at a running store yesterday and was shocked to find out, I was in a similar situation as you…I was running in the wrong shoe. I’m now in some Brooks Glycerin and I can’t wait for my short run Tuesday!

    • Sarah,
      That is fantastic. It is amazing how much difference the right pair of shoes can make. With the right shoes you should be able to avoid some blisters and aches and pains you may have experienced with your previous pairs of shoes. And, without those issues you should be able to run faster, longer and harder. I wore an old pair of shoes for Boston because they hurt my feet less than my new incorrect shoes. If I had the correct shoes that were properly broken in, I might have come in 10 minutes better.
      New Balance has a great shoe selection tool on their web site. Nothing is better than going to a running store and working with an expert like you did, but you might find their shoe selection tool interesting. I can post the URL for the tool if you have a hard time finding it.
      Thank you for ready, and good luck with your running.

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