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Hartford Marathon Recap — 12 Comments

  1. Omg. You just lived every runner’s nightmare! And you still did really well! Congrats on finishing, and here’s to never living that again! I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to put a link to this on my blog so others can feel your pain!

    • Please feel free to post the link. I hope others find it amusing as well. I had some good laughs on Sunday over coffee with friends from my running club.
      It was unique, it was special, I hope I never go through that again!

  2. Lesson here, pick up your own bib ha ha. I think this whole experience would make me cry, but the fact that it didn’t happen to me is HILARIOUS. Nice finish though.

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  4. So I can get this straight in my head, you use “vibrate” as your alarm, but pack for a race two days early, but won’t pick up your own bib number the day before, but pack meticulously? On top of that, you tell Chuck to meet you at a certain location and then MOVE? You notice that up/down pattern? Your experience could never happen to me. It’s impossible. I would never set myself up for that to happen.

    If I misread, I apologize, but there are about a half dozen things you chose to do that greatly influenced your outcome… If you simply would have picked up Chuck at the hotel (assuming he stayed at one) or met him on the way to the race, rather than try to pick a guy you’ve met all of two times, in a sea of runners all wearing the same clothing… And then to top that off, you used the second beer ticket off a bib they were kind enough to give you? Good God, man.

    I thought about not even commenting on your post because this is a little preachy, but I felt compelled.

    • Yeah, you missed a few things. By the time everyone dropped out and I decided not to go to Hartford on Friday it was too late to have my number mailed.
      I told my friend to meet me pretty much exactly where I stood, the Bushnell building.
      His hotel was 5 blocks across town and I had parked in sight of the starting line, so it made little sense to walk across town to meet him.
      And the extra beer didn’t cost anyone anything.Maybe 25 cents for Harpoon.
      Thanks for the comment.

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