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How I became a Runner — 5 Comments

  1. My wife is a big fan of “all things happen for a reason”. In your case, seems to fit perfectly. I am just starting out running, for fitness and to do races. It does take someone lets say different to run. Yeah, we like to go in all sorts of weather (I have similar winters), with no destination but back home or work and in the beginning, curse the whole running process until we finish the run and start looking forward to the next one or the next increase in distance. I’m shooting for the Boston Marathon. Not this time around, maybe next year. I appreciate you sharing your experiences.

    • When you look forward to the next run or the next race, I think that is when you know you have become a runner. Some people that I run with still do not consider themselves runners even after running several marathons. Thanks for ready my blog. Hopefully we will see you in Boston next year.

  2. I like your story. Good lesson and endorsement about the stress relief benefits of running. Keep it up, and never stop!

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