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How to Avoid Recycling — 2 Comments

  1. See, Andy, here’s my problem… I’m with you on most counts, and I’m just as big into recycling as you are. Then you get to the composting, and my problem with this whole “unthinking” mess. Composting should be outlawed if you want to be more environmentally conscious. See, in a landfill they burn off the VAST majority of the methane and other greenhouse gasses which creates electricity AND reduces waste by something like 90-some%. Meanwhile, the composters are releasing all of that greenhouse gas directly into the atmosphere where it contributes to “OH NO” global warming (which makes the earth greener, but let’s not destroy the narrative, eh?)! The point is, much of the green movement is based on feeling rather than actual, real science. And that, I just can’t get behind.

    Just a thought, buddy. Thanks for caring. We all should.

    • Around here our trash goes to an incinerator. So no one is collecting methane in eastern Mass unfortunately. Anything I can keep from that mess is a bonus.
      I understand that decomposing materials create methane gas. But making your own compost reduces the energy used to haul it away and the gas I’d use to go to Home Depot to buy the commercially made stuff, which probably produced methane while it was being made.
      I’m glad they collect the methane where you live. It’s a great idea.

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