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I’m a running Geek!

I’ve mentioned a few times that my old training logs are lost to time. Between job changes, computer issues and carelessness I’ve lost files or access to web sites.

Well, last night I happened to stumble upon an old email with my account ID to I managed to guess my old password and viola, I found my old records going back to 2004! had a running shoe tracker, so now I have some data from 2004 to 2006. It shows that I was a little more consistent than I remember. I still ran less than 20 miles a week before the 2005 Boston Marathon. That’s just crazy.

I need to spend some time analyzing this information now. When I saw the data for the first time last night it felt like I had just found a $100 bill on the ground! Yeah, I’m a geek and just having these sheets on my desk is exciting!

This new found information is running geek gold!

Run well my friends

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Author: OmniRunner

10 time Boston Marathon finisher, and 20 marathons in total. Sharing my love for running and the fun adventures and lessons that come with it. Helping non-profits increase fundraising and new runners celebrate their First 5K.

5 thoughts on “I’m a running Geek!”

  1. At least you have kept a log! I need to do that… and have not at all. I always say “I’m going to write this down! I want to track my progress!” And….. it just does not happen.

    Less than 20 miles a week before boston!?!? That is INSANE!!!

    1. It is difficult to sit down after a run and enter your data, and then you get busy. Try creating a spreadsheet and save it to your desk top where you are likely to see it every day.
      My data did confirm my poor training program.

  2. Runkeeper is my running log, I love it and have even tracked my swimming! Glad you found what you were looking for!!!

  3. Andy,
    don’t spend too much time analyzing data. Running is more fun!

    1. confico, agreed. I’m not crazy about it or anything, but I do like to see if I’m on track. I know from experience how under training can impact performance. I don’t want to do that again. Thanks for reading my blog, much appreciated.

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