My First 5K Medal

Every runner wants to bring home a medal from their first 5K race.

My First 5K medal 2017, runners medal

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I designed this medal so that every first time runner can bring home a medal.

Most 5K races award medals to the top finishers but only some give out finisher’s medals.

Make the first time special with a special medal just for first time runners. 

Make a lasting memory with your child, spouse or a friend!

The 2019 My First 5K Medal is now available!

My First 5K Medal 2019

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Available in time for January races including those New Year’s Day races that everyone loves. What better way to start off the New Year than running a 5K with someone just starting out!

My First 5K medals are for Your Runner!

5k running medals, runners medal

The My First 5K medal was inspired by a first time runner who did not get a medal.

I wanted to make sure that every parent had the opportunity to get a medal for their child’s first race.

Finishing a 5K isn’t for everyone and a finisher’s medal isn’t a participation award. It’s a medal of honor that any runner can show proudly.

The My First 5K medal is similar in size to marathon medals, even the most famous finisher’s medal in the world!

Show your runner how proud of them you are with a special medal for first time 5K runners.

How to get a My First 5K Medal

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Click on any image or headline on this page. Click on the 2019 medal photo to order a medal for a 2019 race.

Shipping is $3.00 in the USA including Alaska and Hawaii, and $2.00 within New England. Expedited shipping is available.

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Bib Sticker

Each medal comes with a 2″x 2″ decorative bib sticker. Stickers can be ordered separately for $2.00 each including shipping.

Omni Running does NOT offer engraving services.

Some races offer the My First 5K medal on their registration form. If you don’t see it listed, ask for it by name –  the My First 5K medal. 

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