My First 5K Medal

Every runner looks for their First 5K medal at the end of their first 5K race.

My First 5K medal 2017, runners medal

Most 5K races provide medals for the top three men and women finishers. 

Many 5K races also provide age group awards.

When you register your first time 5K runner, check to see if the race offers a medal for all finishers.

Make sure your runner has a finisher’s medal for their first race!

My First 5K medals are for Your Runner!

5k running medals, runners medal

The My First 5K medal was inspired by a first time runner I know who did not get a medal.

I wanted to make sure that every parent had the option to get a medal for their child’s first race.

Finishing a 5K is no easy effort for a child, or an adult. While some medals feel like a participation award, a first time running medal is something special.

Because the First 5K medal is so special, I made it big.

My First 5K medals are 2 inches wide and 3.5mm thick, similar in size to marathon medals, even the most famous finisher’s medal in the world!

Show your runner how proud of them you are with a special medal made only for first time 5K runners.

How to get a My First 5K Medal

5k medals,first 5k,run medals

Some races offer the My First 5K Medal on their registration form. If you don’t see it, please ask if they offer the medal. 

Click any image or headline to order your medal today.

We ship anywhere in the continental US for $3.00 and within New England for $2.00. Expedited shipping is available.

If you need 5 or more medals, we will ship to you for FREE!

Medals Price Shipping
1 – 4 $9.95 $3.00
5 – 9 $8.95 FREE
10 – 14 $7.95 FREE
15 – 20 6.95 FREE
20 + 5.95 FREE

Quantity discounts start at 5 My First 5K medals.

Does your running club have a Walk-to-Run program? Surprise your new runners with a medal when they finish their first 5K.

The medal makes a great award for a scout troop physical fitness program. Youth groups such as Boys & Girls Clubs or YMCA and YWCA can use them for fitness programs as well.

The My First 5K Medal also makes a great fundraiser. Click HERE for details.

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