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Is the Run to Remember Overpriced — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Andy,
    I’m running it – signed up just this weekend when I was surprised to see it hadn’t sold out. That MARATHON5 code didn’t work though, so with a $9 “processing” fee it’s practically $120. I guess I paid it so it isn’t too expensive – but it better be good 🙂
    The reason I was prepared to shell out the dough was:
    – Fast, closed course in Boston – pretty compelling!
    – USATF certified – I ran a race 2 weeks ago and the consensus was it was long. Pretty annoying, so happy not to have to worry about that
    – A 7AM start at this start of year is about as good as it gets – were it later in the day it would be a lot less palatable
    – With summer nigh, 13.1 season in Boston is pretty much done so happy to have one last hurrah!
    That said, I’m hoping it’s not overly congested, and that the hairpin turns aren’t too crazy. I’m hopeful the “self-pacing” pace signs at the start will do their job.

  2. And as a post script – it was well worth it! (to me, of course). The most problematic congestion I hit was the tail end of the 5 miler in the last couple of miles of the half, but not an issue. Course was great, and we completely dodged a bullet on the weather: still a bit humid, but the breeze by the Charles was great.

    That said, it wouldn’t hold the same allure next year – so not sure I’d run again – but very pleased to have experienced it this year.


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