Boston Marathon 2019 Display Frame


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There is nothing like crossing the finish line on Boylston Street and having a volunteer place the Boston Marathon Finishers medal around your neck.

It makes the miles, hours and pain all worth it!

Each year the Boston Marathon finisher’s medal is different. Usually it gets larger. At one time it was round but has had the classic design for many years now.

When you get home you will want to display your medal and keep it safe.

Why not get a Boston Marathon 2019 finisher’s medal display frame?

For $29.95 plus shipping you can get a great looking frame to protect and display your hard-won medal. These frames look great in your den or office.

To protect your bib and medal ribbon from fading, add UV conservation glass for $10.00.

An image of the 2019 medal is not available yet, but it will probably look similar to the 2018 medal.



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