Running Towards My Goals

Goals and Commitments

My New Year’s Commitment for 2014 was to run 1,000 miles. As of October 22nd I have achieved 880 running miles. With all of November and December to go, plus another week left in October, I’m confident that I will be able to achieve my goal of 1,000 miles.

This week I saw Dave McGillivray speak. He said that he likes to set goals and keep checking them off. The list never goes away it just keeps changing as goals are accomplished and new goals are set.

The 505Ksat50 project

The day I turned 50 I went out for an 8 mile run at lunch time. What a gift to my self. It felt great and it made me feel great to be turning 50. Several times during that day people at work asked what I was going to do for my birthday. I told them I gave my self a run for my birthday.

I also told them that the BAA gave me 5 extra minutes to qualify for the Boston Marathon. What a day! They were thinking more along the lines of a lavish dinner or something.

50 is a big deal and it isn’t. I have to keep reminding my self that I just turned 50 and not 40. I feel 40. I probably look 50.

50 is a big deal because I am half-way to my goal. I want to live to be 100. I know that’s a big goal, but why not? I think it’s a great goal. Maybe I’ll only make it to 90 or 95. That’s still pretty good.

To celebrate turning 50 and to help me towards my ultimate goal in life, I decided to do something running related. Why not?

For 2014 I committed to 1,000 miles. I knew I couldn’t do 50,000 miles or even 5,000 miles.

I decided that my new goal is to run 50 5Ks before I turn 51. My hash tag is #505Ksat50. Gotta have a hash tag these days.

Simple math indicates that I need to run one 5K almost every week of the next year. In the six weeks since I turned 50, I’ve run 3 5Ks. I’m running behind already. Par for the course!

I’ve signed up for three more 5Ks over five weeks, and it looks like I need to find a few more.

An Extra Twist

My little business (Omni Running) features medals for first time 5K runners. I’m selling medals at two 5K races that I have run in the past. If I’m running my table and putting medals around runner’s necks at the race, I can’t very well also run the race.

I know that there are people out there who have never run a 5K before who can run one faster than me. I can’t have them waiting at the finish line for me.

If my business continues to grow it may be very challenging to get in my 50 5Ks. Accomplishing both goals this year will be the real challenge.

Run well my friends,



Omni Runs Friday

The week in Running

Training for Baystate is coming along pretty good. My knee still bothers me sometimes, but the more I run the better it gets. My icing and stretching routine seems to be working.

When I trained for Boston this year, my total miles were 318.4. As of this week my miles for Baystate are 308.07, and I have three weeks to go.


If I can survive the 22 mile Sunday Long Run this weekend, and not do anything stupid over the next few weeks, I should be okay.

I have been diligent with my gym work outs and I can feel the difference. I can drive up hills and my endurance has improved a lot.

The key to Baystate is not going out to fast. I thought about that Thursday on my run. My target pace is 8:00 for a 3:30 finish. If I start with the 9:00 minute pace group I can warm up during the first mile or two and see how things feel.

I have my walking and hydration planned out. I know what I want to eat and I have running clothes for any conditions. If everything goes my way, I think I have a shot at a 3:30 finish.

The 1,000 Mile Club

My goal for 2014 was to run 1,000 miles. I am currently at 778.52 with 93 runs. I have three goals,planningmore weeks of marathon training and each of those weeks will have me running more than 25 miles.

After Baystate, I will have two months to run about 150 miles. I’ll definitely have to work at it, but I know I can achieve this running goal.

50 5Ks at 50 Project

As I mentioned last week, my new goal is to run 50 5Ks before I turn 51. I have one down and Saturday I am running the 8th Annual Granara-Skerry 5K in Medford. On-line registration is closed but they do have race day registration for $30.00.

running,5k race

Only 48 more 5Ks. My hash tag is #505Ksat50. I’ll tweet my results on Saturday. You are following me on Twitter, right?

Run well my friends!


Friday run report

I’m finishing week 6 of my marathon training program, so I felt it was time for a

Friday run report

This week I managed to get to 30.28 miles.

Beyond the rainbow 5k, 5kWe are on week 6 of our 15 week training program, and this is my high mileage point. I know it’s not a lot of miles but they felt pretty good. My knee is still bothering me, so I need to be careful pushing up the miles.

My goal for the marathon is 8 minute miles; my goal is to get to the starting line uninjured. I’m finding it easier to get below 8 minute miles consistently on these shorter training runs, and I find that encouraging. A few years ago I never would have dreamed about consistent 8 minute or better miles, even for a 5K.

It feels like I am running stronger than last year. I haven’t done a hard-core analysis to confirm this. I just feel stronger. As I’ve mentioned before, the gym work is paying off.

Thoughts on marathon strategy 

I’ve spoken with a lot of people over the past few months who advocate walking the water stops, even the early ones. We’re not talking Fartlek, just walking the water stops. No timing, just a very simple plan.

Many times I’ve thought about this strategy, but I always wait until later in the race. Usually when I walk it’s because I have to. For years my goal was to run an entire marathon and not stop for anything. I’ve been able to do this a few times successfully, but to improve my finish time, I need to work on my endurance. In my mind I know that walking early will allow me to run strong later into the race.

It’s the last 5 to 6 miles that will make or break a marathon. I know this. If I can walk all of the water stops I might be able to keep from having 10 minute miles near the end of the race. Being off by 2 minutes per mile for the last six miles is pretty much the difference between qualifying for Boston and not.

I need to take this advice to heart and trust it. It has been proven, I just need to trust that it will work for me. I’ve always banked time early in the race and then used it up late in the race. This walking strategy should allow me to run more consistent splits and not have the major drop off late in the race.

Those are my thoughts on strategy so far. 

  • Do you walk water stops during a marathon?
  • Do you Fartlek?
  • Do you bank time early in the race and then try not so use it all up at the end?

Run well my friends!


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Running Miles Update

Running Miles Update

Do you track your running miles? Many runners and cyclists set mileage goals and keep track of their progress over the course of the year or a season.

On June 30th, 2014 my miles to date were 458. My 2014 goal is 1,000 miles.

Running miles, running goals

I was a little behind, but I’m starting to catch up.

For fun, I decided to look at my annual totals on Garmin going back to 2011. As of July 27th, 2014 I’ve managed to run 532.63 miles during 67 running activities.

Accounting for the six weeks I took off due to injury and post marathon recovery, I have  averaged 3 runs per week. I’m catching up.

miles,running,trainingSince 2011 my activity count and miles have increased. I was close to 1,000 miles last year. I think I have a pretty good shot at 1K miles this year.

My average heart rate has gone from the low 160’s to mid 150’s since 2011. My speed is a little slower than last year (6.7 vs 6.9) but my elevation gain is more than all of 2013 and it is only July. That probably explains the slight decrease in average speed.

I’m registered for Baystate and have started training already. With about 10 weeks to go, I should be able to add another 300 miles to my total. I may run Philly in November also. While I will run that race more for fun than a PR, I will need to train for it. With about a month between Baystate and Philly, and the need to take a week off after Baystate, I’ll only have about three weeks to train for Philly. Probably not a lot of miles.

  • Do you set mileage goals?
  • How are your miles to date adding  up so far?
  • Did you set different types pf goals like PRs or numbers of races?

Run well my Friends!


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Training YTD June 2014

Now that we are in the second half of 2014, it seemed like a good time to look at

Training YTD

Through June 30th I have run 57 times for a total of 458 miles. I’m a little short of what I need to be at if I am going to run 1,000 miles in 2014.

Around New Years I looked at my 2013 miles and thought that 2014 miles in 2014 was possible.

Upon further examination of the numbers, I realized that I had included about 800 air miles in my initial calculation for 2013. When I backed out the air miles that I had tracked on my watch, 1,000 miles seemed like a stretch goal.

The next time you are on a plane, start your watch before the plane leaves the gate. Once the plane is in the air you cannot lock onto satellites. Once you are locked on it is pretty funny to hear your watch chime a lap every 5 seconds!

Doing the math, 57 runs in 6 months is less than 2.5 runs per week; it’s 2.375 runs to be exact. Pretty week. However, I did take about four weeks off for my injury and two weeks after Boston. If I back out those 6 weeks, that leaves 18 weeks where I should have been running consistently. Re-calculating 55 runs over 18 weeks gets me to just over 3 runs per week. That is on track.

2014 Races

Since January 1st I have run 14 races, including 2 marathons, for a total of 141.9 racing miles. About 30% of my total miles this year have been racing miles. I have run at least one race each month this year, except for July! I think I need to find a local 5k pretty quick. Anyone have a good suggestion for the Boston area this weekend?

Even though I’ve been training for the Baystate Marathon for two weeks, I just signed up for the race Monday! Each time I thought about signing up I was doing Baystate Marathon,training YTDsomething else and would then forget. I was beginning to worry they would sell out by the time I got my butt in gear. I’m all set now and I have the receipt to prove it!

With my fall marathon locked in, my miles will start to increase and I should be able to put a good dent in the 542 miles I need to run by December 31st. I should hit 25 miles this week and hope to peak around 40 or so. That’s not a lot of miles for a serious runner. But for me, those are about all of the miles I have time for.

I’m going to try to stay focused on getting to 1,000 miles this year. This goal will help me stay motivated even when I don’t have a race. I’ve kind of forgotten about that goal as I’ve gone from one marathon to the next without much time to think about anything except transitioning from training to rest to training again. 1,000 miles is the big picture I need to focus on. I need to work and push my self. I also need to avoid an injury that could take me off the road for a few weeks.

Three marathons in one year will be a new record for me. I hadn’t given it much thought until now. These races just fell into place and I decided to accept the opportunities into my life. I could do more marathons but there has to be a limit. When the joy of running turns into the chore of running the meaning is lost. The accomplishment becomes another check box. Without out joy and appreciation, what’s the point?

Some friends are trying to talk me into running Philly the Sunday before Thanksgiving. I’m up for a road trip. But is it a marathon to far?

Run well my Friends!


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Sunday Long Run

I have begun my 22 week quest for a Boston Qualifying Time at the 2013 Bay State Marathon. It is a challenging goal and one that I will not achieve easily or without sacrifice.

I know that qualifying in October of this year will not get me into the 2014 Boston Marathon, but that’s okay. This is a personal goal that I have thought about pursuing for the past few years. This year feels like the right time.

Focus and Determination

I am determined to reach my goal and have decided to work a plan. My goal is to hit 40 miles in weeks nineteen and twenty and then taper to 30 in week twenty-one and 20 miles in week twenty-two. My total training miles should be 685.5 if I stick to the plan.

I have a good training base of about 20 miles per week to start from. I’m dealing with a few aches and pains such as my piriformis and my Achilles that started acting up after the Twin Lights Half Marathon. So, I’ve decided to start below my weekly number and work up slowly.

Boston Qualifier, sunday long run
Twin Lights Half-Marathon 2013

Last week (week 1) my goal was a cushy 7 miles, I ended up doing 8. It’s hard to go from 20 to 7 miles! For this Sunday my long run goal was 6 miles so I did not run with my club. Instead I ran a route here in Medford that I’ve run several times and ran 9 miles. My goal for the week is 14 miles, which I will easily hit Tuesday night.

I’m hoping that by backing off on my miles for the first few weeks my body will be able to heal and be ready when the mileage starts to go over 20 miles per week.

I obviously need to reel back a little more  on my miles over these next few weeks, or this plan will not work. I need to give my body a few easy weeks to heal.

I have Hal Higdon‘s “Marathons for Mortals” and will be modifying my plan to include some of his advice. I’ve found that I’m not very good at following’s  training plans. So I’ve decided to focus on miles per week and not get too wound up about how long I ran on a particular day. Miles and consistency are the hall marks of my plan.

I’ve never worked a plan as aggressive as this one. I’ve never wanted to achieve a running goal as much as this one. I’m hoping I wont fall apart.

It’s All In for Boston. Because this time, it’s about more than just running.

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