Fire in the belly

I saw this line in Monday’s blog post from Marc and Angel Hack Life and wanted to share it.

there are seven days in the week, and “someday” isn’t one of them.

This goes along with Thomas Jefferson’s “Never put off ’till tomorrow what you can do today.”

What do you want to do with your life?

10, 20 years from now, do you want to be doing what you are doing right now?

Is this good enough, or as good as it gets?

Are you just coasting through life?

If you have a dream you need to pursue it NOW. There are a million excuses to keep doing the same old same old.

Has the same old same old been making you happy?

If it has, good for you. But I suspect most of you have an itch, a restlessness to try fire in the bellysomething new or different. Life has become stale and boring. You don’t have to quit your job or get a divorce.

Maybe you have an old hobby or musical instrument that you would like to pick up again. Maybe you are tired of being out of shape. Maybe you do need to quit your job and go after that new career.

What ever is burning in your belly – go after it. What can you do today, or right now, to pursue your dreams instead of dreaming your way through life?

Think about what fires you up. What gets the juices flowing and the heart pumping. What can you talk about for hours? What do you dream about?

Forge your dreams in the fire in the belly.

Run well my friends


©2014 anagelin