Running of the Leprechauns 6

2019 was a challenging year for the Running of the Leprechauns.

The race was originally scheduled for Saturday at the Malden Irish American Club. From what I have heard there was an issue with the permit so the race had to move.

This may have been due to the Malden Half Marathon and 5 Miler that took place the week before. That race had it’s own permitting issues and the half marathon ended up being 5 2.5 mile loops plus a bit more. I liked that format but many did not.

I think that towns are finding that they can only inconvenience their citizens so many times before the phone at city hall starts ringing. I can’t imagine any mayor would not want to encourage healthy activities like road races. Not only do they reflect positively on the community but an influx of runners brings patrons to local businesses.

I saw Medford’s mayor at The Running of The Leprechauns, so I am assuming the race had her support.

I say Malden’s loss is Medford’s gain!

Running of the Leprechauns 6

The race was about 1.75 miles from my house so I ran over with fellow MRC member Marty Hergert. We were using it as our pre-race warm up.

When we got to The American Legion Hall there was a line out the door for bib pickup. I should have picked up on Saturday! After my run across town I was a bit sweaty and the cold began to sink in.

When I got to the table Kelly Catallo checked me in. She looked a little frazzled and said she hate’s it when she’s behind schedule. I didn’t ask what was going on, but I’m guessing they got into the hall late? The hall was all set up and the food was out, so I’m not 100% sure what happened.

She must have a great group of volunteers, because everything else was ready to go.

After I got my bib I wandered around inside the hall and saw Mike and Judy Dolan and a few other people from the club. I saw they had pictures of water on the bar so I headed over to get some pre-raced hydration.

Around 8:00 the hall was still packed with runners and no one knew when the race would start. Kelly came in and apologized for being behind schedule and asked us to start heading outside for the kid’s run.

Kelly had the crowd yell out the “Ready, Set Go!” for the kids.

I was close enough to see about 10 kids of various ages take off. Most toddled along or went a few feet and looked for Mom to pick them up. It was still cute as hell! Kids are still figuring out how to move their bodies so they always look so awkward running, and damned cute too!

After a few minutes they were ready for us to line up.

I made my way through the crowd and a few people with strollers who should have been looking to line up in the back. Why people don’t line up like they should is beyond me.

At 8:15 we got the command to Go!

I was near the front and did my best to keep up with the lead pack. It was a small pack of about 25 people and I knew some of them had gone out too fast. I also knew that there were people behind me who were much younger and in much better shape who would be blowing past me shortly.

By the time we got to Lawrence Road the lead pack had spaced out and a few people passed me. As we headed up our first hill I kicked it into hill gear and kept up with the younger runners I was with.

By the time we passed the driveway for Medford High it was beginning to feel like a race. I felt appropriately dressed for once. It was a little cool, I was sweating a bit and it was about right. My winter running hat also felt like the right choice. Sometimes I get lucky!

I ran mile one at 7:57. Not blazing fast but we did cover 46 feet of elevation gain. I felt okay and told my self that the initial shot of energy was spent and now the real running would begin.

The Long Turn Around

I’ve run this course probably ten times. The Granara-Skerry 5K and Medford Jingle Bell Run 5K have used this USATF certified course. Granara-Skerry used this route for about ten years and paid for the USATF Certification.

I’ve seen the map and know where the turn around is supposed to be. As an out and back course, the turn around point is pretty simple. The map even gives the address of the house the turn around should take place in front of.

Usually the course is close enough. But I ran The Medford Jingle Bell Run at around 2.9 miles once and we ran The Running of The Leprechauns 6 at 3.31 miles.

As we approached the turn around I knew it was too far. Usually I see the lead pack heading back before I am able to see the turn around point, and I wasn’t running an aggressive race. I didn’t even need to look at my watch to know the turn was too far out.

They had placed the cone at the end of the yellow median stripe which was almost in the traffic circle in Winchester. It really bothered me that a cop could not look at a map and find an address. They look for addresses every day don’t they?

Above all else runners want an accurate course and correct timing. Shirts and medals are way down the list, below correct race information, food and water.

But it was what it was.

We were running down hill to the turn and we would be running uphill after the turn. My legs still had enough juice that I knew I could push up the hill and make some time.

I hit mile two at 7:48 while still running up the hill. Mile one was 7:57 so I was warmed up and ready to tackle mile three.

For the first quarter mile or so after the turn we could see everyone still heading out. My glasses were dark and the sun was causing a lot of glare so I couldn’t see people very well. I heard Judy Dolan call my name but I only recognized her by her voice. Someone else called my name but I had no idea who they were!

I also saw Mike Dolan and Sam Bookman.

Running of The Leprechauns 6, Marty HergertAs we approached 2.5 miles I recognized Marty Hergert’s shirt and realized I was gaining on him. He was about 20 meters in front of me and I wasn’t sure I could continue to close the gap.

How did I miss those socks?

As I caught up to him he said. “You’re going to pass me again” and I didn’t even see him look over his shoulder at me! I did pass him for a bit and then he passed me.

We hit mile three about a third of a mile before the finish line. Way too far out.

Marty and I were running side by side for the most part. I told him to go for it and he took off with little apparent effort. He finished a few meters in front of me.

As I approached the finish line 25 was already on the clock. I knew the course was long but all of my miles had been under 8 minutes, so I should have had a shot at a 24 minute race.

Apre Running of The Leprechauns 6

After I got a water and my finisher’s medal I wandered around the finisher’s area to catch my breath and watch runners come in.

As I walked around a guy said, “How was your race?” Pretty standard thing to say after a race. Then he said “my name is Dave, not sure if you remember me.” I was clueless!

Then he told me that he was the guy who helped me after I fell during the Friends of The Fells 10K trail race in 2017! I was floored. He must have recognized the club singlet or something. We chatted for a bit and headed inside along with Marty to get warm and some food.

I’m horrible with names and this guy remembered me from almost two years ago.

Melrose Running Club, Running of The Leprechauns 6The hall wasn’t too busy yet. The ladies claimed a table before the race so I left my gloves on the table and headed for the coffee.

They had nice 16oz cups and a half gallon of cream. Perfect. They also had donuts and a hot breakfast for us! You can’t beat that on a cold day.

I went down the line and they gave me more food than I needed, but I did manage to clear my plate!

Later at the table someone said they had run out of cream! They went through a half gallon in less than 45 minutes! Wow.

We had a good time talking and sharing stories about the race and our next adventures.

Marty had to get home and his car was parked at my house. He was pretty sure he knew the way back but I finished up my conversation with Mike Dolan and we headed back to my house.

When I turned my watch back on for the run home, somehow it just added the miles to my race.

As we headed down Winthrop Street our legs were a little tight at first, but we loosened up and did okay.

In spite of the issues Kelly had to work through, she made it and we all had a good race.

Here’s looking to next year’s race!

Run well my Friends!


St. Patrick’s Day 5K Races Greater Boston 2020

Looking for a St. Patrick’s Day race in the GBA? Look no further for an easy to use directory without all of the ads.

Here are the 2020 St. Patrick’s Day 5K races in the Greater Boston area.

Most races have been cancelled and some have been postponed. Please check the race web site as your race date approaches.

St. Patrick’s Day 5K races, like most holiday themed races, take place around the actual holiday. This gives you the opportunity to run a St. Patrick’s Day themed race two weekends in a row or twice in a weekend if you want!

To register for a race click the title, to order a medal for your runner, click HERE.

Shamrock Shuffle 5K

7 March 9:00 AM Saturday – Medway

Medway Shamrock Shuffle, St Patrick's 5KSponsored by the Medway Elementary Parent Teacher Organization, the race raises funds for Medway’s elementary schools.

Supporting creative arts programs, cultural arts programming, teacher appreciation events, and other activities that benefit Medway schools and enhance the children’s education.

The 5K course winds through the scenic back roads of Medway and is open to runners and walkers of all ages and abilities, including children and families.

Registration was: Adults $30, 17 and under is $20.T-shirt deadline has passed.My First 5K medal, running medal

Now in it’s 9th year, this race has cash awards the top three male and female finishers. Age group first place runners will also receive a medal. This race does not have a finisher’s medal for all runners.

Shamrock Stampede 5K

14 March – 10:00 AM – Saturday – Plymouth

St. Patrick's Day 5K, PlimouthThis race is based out of the DCR Pilgrim Memorial State Park. Registration includes one free beer ticket for the post race party.

Proceeds benefit:

Kathy Frank Scholarship Fund – providing a scholarship to a graduate of Silver Lake High School going into the field of nursing in memory of Kathy Frank.

Kathy was a Kingston resident and a nurse at South Shore Hospital who lost her battle with ovarian cancer in April 2011.

Registration was $30 for adults, $20 for 11 to 20 and $15 for 10 and under. Add $5 for race day registration.

Deadline to receive a shirt is March 3rd.

Awards for top 1-3, male and female and 1st place age-group runners.

This race does not have a finisher’s medal for all runners.

Running of the Leprechauns

15 March – 10:30 AM Sunday – Medford Postponed

Running of The Leprechauns, Medford 5KThe 7th annual Running of the Leprechauns 5k is a roaring St. Patrick’s Day race/party. This race has raised and donated over $102,000 in the first 6 years to Boston Children’s Hospital.

Event location: American Legion Hall, 321 Winthrop Street, Medford

Race shirt deadline was February 15.

Finishers medal when you cross the finish line! Awesome swag!

5k running medals for first time runners, running awardMy First 5K medal is available when you register for this race. All proceeds benefit Boston Children’s Hospital.

Registration is: $45 for 18+ and $17 for youth 6 to 17 years old.

Mick Morgan’s St. Patrick’s 5K

14 March – 9:00 AM Saturday – Sharon Cancelled

Registration was: $30, $35 day of race. The first 300 to register receive a long-sleeve tech t-shirt. This race often draws up to 800 runners, so sign up before they hit capacity.

Event location: Mick Morgan\’s Irish Pub, 973 Providence Highway (Route 1), Sharon, Massachusetts 02067

Proceeds support HESSCO programs and services of providing support and services to seniors, individuals living with a disability and their caregivers in South Norfolk County.

HESSCO packages and delivers an average of 130,000 home delivered meals each year and serves an additional 30,000 meals annually in dining room settings. Our drivers not only deliver a hot, nutritious meal, but they provide a wellness check and a friendly visit. For many, this is the difference needed to maintain their dignity and independence at home.

My First 5K medal, runners medalIt appears that this race does not provide a finishers medal to all runners. If you are bringing someone to their First 5K, make sure to order a My First 5K medal for them!


Marshfield St. Patrick’s 5K

14 March 10:00 AM – Saturday – Marshfield Postponed

Marshfield St. Patrick's Day 5K RaceThis St. Patrick’s Day 5K is sponsored by the Marshfield Education Foundation and is now in it’s 9th year. This USATF certified race usually draws over 2,000 runners.

Registration was $35 for adults and $20 for 19 and under.

Click to register

Pick up your bib at Marathon Sports in Norwell, March 7-12th and receive 20% off!

This race offers cash prizes to the top three male and female finishers, and awards for the top three age group finishers. A finishers medal is not provided for all runners.

St. Patty’s Day 5K/10K & Pub Crawl

14 March 10:00 AM – Saturday – Salisbury Cancelled – virtual race option available

This race is entirely within the flat, straight paved roads inside the scenic Salisbury Beach State Reservation.

This is the perfect course for runners looking to PR or for first time 5K runners. Run one loop or two, for a certified 5K or 10K, respectively.

Event location: 212 Beach Rd, Salisbury, MA 01952

5k & 10k participants (21+ only) may redeem beer ticket at any of the Pub Crawl participating bars. This years participating bars are: Carousel, Uncle Eddie’s, Dolphins and Salisbury Sports Pub.

FREE photos and finish line video will be available at no additional cost!

Age group awards start at 19 & under, but this race does not provide a finisher’s medal to all runners.

Registration was:

5K – $35 through race day of if available. Ages 12-20 $30 and under 11 is $10.
10K – $35 through race day of if available for all age groups.

Age group and top three male and female runners will receive awards.

Hyannis Shamrock Shuffle

15 March – 11:00 AM – Sunday – Hyannis

Hyannis Shamrock Shuffle, St Patrick's Day 5K This race is based out of the Michael Aselton Memorial Park in Hyannis. Registration includes a beer ticket for the post race party.

Proceeds benefit The Shawn Thornton Foundation. ​The Shawn Thornton Foundation is dedicated to helping find cures for diseases close to Shawn’s heart, specifically, Parkinson’s and cancer.

Registration was $30 for adults, $20 for 11 to 20 and $15 for 10 and under. Add $5 for race day registration.

St. Patrick’s Day Road Race

15 March – 11:00 AM – Sunday – South Boston This race has been cancelled

boys and girls clubs of Boston, Boston 5K road raceA Southie tradition since 1940, this race takes place just before the famous South Boston St. Patrick Day’s Parade.

The race is hosted and sponsored by Keystone, the Edgerley Family South Boston Boys & Girls Club Teen Leadership Program. Funds raised at the race will help support the Keystone program.

Event location: 230 West Sixth Street Boston, MA

Registration was $25 and the race always sells out, so don’t wait! Official Race Shirts go to the first 650 registrants.

The Connolly Medal is given to the first South Boston resident to finish the St. Patrick’s Day Road Race. It is named for James Brendan Connolly, a son of South Boston, who medaled in the 1896 Olympics in Athens and is considered the first modern Olympic champion.

The Father Lane Medal is awarded each year to the first place Edgerley Family South Boston Club Kid Finisher.

Registration is open for only $25.00! though March 12th.

2019 Race Results

Guinness Celtic 5K

15 March 11:00 AM – Sunday – Worcester

This race has been cancelled, the organizers plan to hold the race once the Corona Virus has run it’s course.

Guinness Celtic 5K, WorcesterHeld at the Elm Park at 284 Highland Street in Worcester, this race features an extensive list of bars for post race parties. So you know it’s going to be a good time!

The Guinness Celtic 5k is the first race of Tour de Worcester, a three part race series starting in March

Registration was $32.

The post race party takes place at 19 Worcester bars!

Mayflower Brewing St. Patrick’s Day 5K

22 March 9:30 AM – Sunday – Plymouth – Cancelled

Plymouth St. Patrick's Day 5K, Mayflower BrewingSponsored by and based out of the Mayflower Brewing Company brewery at 12 Resnik Rd # 3, Plymouth, MA.

Registration was at $37 through 3/21.

Each runner will receive a short sleeve tech shirt and runners over 21 will get one Mayflower brew. So bring your ID. Free finish line photos will be taken for you!

This race does not offer a finisher’s medal for each runner.

Shamrocks on the Rocks 5K

15 March 1:00 PM – Sunday | Lunenburg

This race is organized by the North Medford Running Club and is an out and back 5K Run and Walk around Lake Whalom.
Custom designed apparel for the first 150 entrants and a party after the race at On The Rocks!!! with pizza from Embers Pizzeria!

Event location: 96 Lakefront Street, Lunenburg, MA

Prizes: Cash for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Male and Female Runners Overall Only. If you’re bringing the kids, spouse or a friend for their First 5K, make sure you get them a finisher’s medal!

Registration was $25.00 with race day registration available.

11th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Hibernian 5K

22 March 11:00 AM – Sunday | Lynn Still scheduled

Course: The Hibernian 5K is a loop course starting at Hibernian Hall that goes through some of the residential neighborhoods of West Lynn and finishes at Hibernian Hall. Walkers are welcomed!

Race Amenities: Long-sleeve dri-fit shirts to the first 500 pre-registered runners, race timing, water on the course, post-race raffles and entertainment.

Prizes for the top three male and female adult overall winners, and top male and female under 13 years of age, and top Hibernians.

Event location: Hibernian Hall, 105 Federal St., Lynn, MA

Registration was $30 through race day.

Rás na hÉireann 5K

22 March 11:00 AM – Sunday | Somerville Still Scheduled

This race has become a tradition among local runners over the past eight years. I’ve run this 5K three or four time my self!

Run from Davis Square the course is moderately challenging and well marshaled.

The after party is one of the best with most bars in Somerville participating. Check the web site for locations and sign up!

Registration is $40.14 including all fees, shirt and a medal.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, run well and may the wind be at your back!