Sketches of Vancouver

Sketches Vancouver early in the morning

Vancouver is a very walkable city. From looking at a city map, I can tell that I have barely scraped the surface of what there is to see in this town. Saturday I ran three miles down the water front trail and did not even get to the Lion’s Gate bridge. Sunday I probably walked a mile of Burrard Street, and only got about three-quarters of the way across town.

Run well my friends
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Vancouver Running

I’m in Vancouver, BC for the next few days for work.

It’s a long flight and I had a two-hour lay-over in Chicago. I didn’t see any deep dish pizza places in the terminal, so I bought a pizza from an Austrian dude named Wolfgang. Mr. Puck makes a pretty good pizza.

The hotel I’m staying at, the Pan Pacific, is fantastic. Two years ago I was here for work and stayed at the same place. The views are captivating. I had barely set down my bags when I looked out the window and saw an American Bald Eagle fly by! That was worth nine hours of travel time. I’d post some photos but I’m on international roaming and the fees are ca-razy.

From my window I can see across the harbor to North Vancouver. It looks like residential neighborhoods nestled up the side of the mountain. I’d love to get over there and explore someday, but I am here for business now.

North Vancouver
North Vancouver

Running Vancouver

Like any good runner, I packed my gear. I even wore my running shoes for the trip out here. I just got back from a 6.09+ mile run out to Stanley Park and back. I didn’t go all the way to the Lion’s Gate bridge, but I was pretty close. When I made my turn to head back I walked for a bit to take in the view.

Vancouver reminds me a lot of San Francisco. The harbor, the hills, the vibe in the air. It’s just a cool city. I know there were a lot of tourists out walking and on rental bikes, but the place seems very active like San Francisco and Boston. I even saw a few people swimming!

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Canada Place, Vancouver Harbor

As I was walking back I saw a Holland America cruise ship heading out. They let out a blast of the horns that reverberated across the harbor. As I started jogging, I glanced back at the ship a few times. As it approached the bridge, I wasn’t sure they would fit underneath it. The tide was low or going out. At first I thought it would be riskier to take a ship of that size out of the harbor at low tide, but as they approached the bridge it began to make sense.

On my way out I had passed a large group of young people dressed to the 9s. I wasn’t sure if it was a prom or wedding. I saw several older people dressed as well as the kids. On the way back I got a better look at them, and it was definitely prom with a few moms or teachers dressed up. Sharp looking bunch.

As I approached my hotel there was a limo out front with about 8 guys dressed for the prom hanging out. Not sure if the prom is here tonight or if everyone just wants to get their picture taken on the waterfront. Who wouldn’t?

As I write this it is almost 9:30 EST, but only 6:30 and sunny here. Time for a quick shower and then time to hit the streets and look for something to eat. Tomorrow (Sunday) is a full work day for me, so I need to get some sleep.

Run well my friends!


The journey begins


Journey to Vancouver begins

My cab was a little late, but we got to the airport in plenty of time.
Security was a breeze and we were through the lines in no time.  United and TSA staff were friendly and efficient.
I usually pack for safari, but for this trip I’m going minimal.
Loving my new bag which auto correct keeps changing to Sanskrit. Sounds like Samsung but makes luggage. Hopefully I have enough clothes.

Run well my friends


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