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Keep going, the perfect day is today

Conditions are rarely perfect. In July it’s too humid, hot and air quality can be poor. In the spring it often rains, in the fall you never know what you’re going to get.

And now as winter approaches we get to deal with snow, ice and the ever-present cold.

While it may be difficult to stay motivated during these dark and cold months it is essential to maintain your base miles. In the spring these base miles will pay off with a higher level of fitness which will make it easier for you to kick it in for spring training

Who wants to start all over again when the weather turns favorable? Think of those difficult runs the last time you came back from a running vacation. Not fun were they? This happened to me two years ago and it won’t happen again.

The most difficult part

When motivation is lacking, the most difficult thing to do is put your gear on and step out side the door. Here are a few tips to get over the resistance to run:

  • Keep your gear washed and ready to go
  • Keep your running shoes near the door
  • If possible, keep your running gear stocked at work
  • Tell yourself you are only going out for a mile
  • Start a running streak and see how long you can maintain it
  • Start a mile a day challenge with your friends
  • Peer pressure IS a wonderful thing!
  • Even a mile a day will keep you going

You can do this. A little preparation and a few lies to your self are all that is required.

Why wait?

Run well my friends!


The Road to Boston Continues

Today was Sunday Long Run (SLR) number three.

Yesterday we had a modest snow fall of about 2-3 inches in our area. It was the heavy wet stuff and left a coating of water that produced a glaze of ice on the roads over night. The MRC always has a SLR no matter the weather and we always have a good turn out. I usually do not let the weather deter me from my running, but this week I made alternate plans.

road to boston, sunday long run
Melrose Running Club SLR Program – join us!

I did my SLR on the treadmill at the gym. Our treadmills have LCD TVs so you can watch the news. If you are smart and bring head phones you can also hear the news. I ended up looking at the news and eventually just shut the TV off.

Crazy Guy Hogging the Treadmill

I’m sure many people who walked by, or who ran next to me, thought I was crazy spending over two hours on the treadmill without a TV, iPod or iPhone stuck in my ear. How can you run two treadmill sessions in a row and not have entertainment?

As I ran I thought about this a few times. The only thing on the screen in front of me for most of two hours was my own reflection; from my shoulders down to my belly. How interesting could that be? Does this guy think he looks that good?

Most of the time I went to the place that many runners go to when they are on a long run or running by themselves: deep inside that bucket of neurons sitting on my shoulders. You can get lost in that bucket!

I always get a lot of good thinking done during a solo long run. You have the time to realize that a thought process is a dead end and that you need to think of another path or solution. Today was no different. As I mentioned the other day, I have a 14 item “to do” list. Two items are done, two are started and the rest are still on the list.

Running for two hours gave me time to think through some of the items on my list. I reevaluated what I thought would be solutions, thought of alternatives and thought of more things that need to be done.


I managed to run 12.8 miles in 2 hours and 4 minutes. The treadmill only goes up to 60 minutes, so I had to shut the system down completely and re-start to get the 2nd half of my run in. The system automatically gives a 5 minute cool down period after 60 minutes. I cut these cool downs to 2 minutes each and then spent 10 minutes doing a good stretching routine when I was done running.

It’s definitely more fun to run with the crew outside. Since I am in training for a major marathon and have committed to an aggressive time, I need to stay focused on staying healthy. Last year I had two weeks where I did not run or ran less than 10 miles during my training for Baystate. My goal for Boston is to avoid injury and illness and not miss any weeks.

What ever it takes to get to Boylston Street at 3:45, I’m going to do it.

Run well my friends.

© 2014 anagelin

Janathon Day 15

Janathon Continues

My running is spotty but my writing is consistent. Well, the writing may be spotty as well.

Tuesday night I went to my gym and ran on the treadmill. It was raining out and I have brand new Brooks Adrenaline shoes. I didn’t want to mess them up on the first run; maybe on the second or third run.

I managed to get in 7.76 miles in 65 minutes which comes out to 8:20 average pace, according to Garmin. The treadmill said 8:24, but no one’s handing out medals here. The important thing is that I got in a good sweaty run, over 10K.

Looking at my spreadsheet tonight, I realized I have a race on January 26th. The 19th ANNUAL BOSTON PREP 16 MILER in Derry, NH. I ran this race last year and it was FREEZING. One of my coldest races ever. I upgraded my cold weather gear recently and I’m hoping it wont be quite as cold as last year.

19th Annual Derry 16 miler, Janathon

At this point in time I can run in 30F temps comfortably. A few months ago that would have seemed very cold but that cold snap before Christmas was a good conditioning period for us runners.

Derry is 16 miles and I really don’t have a time goal. It will be my longest run for this training season so far.

Anything around 9 minutes will be okay, but I’ll be pushing for every second I can get under 9. What ever happens, I’ll still get in a challenging long run, which will be good for me.

Run well my Friends!