Time is not on my side

Scheduling races has been tricky this year

My daughter graduates from high school on June 4th and we’re having a party for her on June 21st. One niece is getting married August 2nd and another October 4th.

Every time someone asks me if I’m going to run a race I have to try to remember when all of these events take place. So far the nieces’ weddings are far enough off that I have not had any conflicts.

relay, mile, tufts
MRC Team Photo at 26×1 Club Challenge Relay, 2013.

The weekend of June 21st is another story. I’m running a 1 mile leg in the Somerville Road Runners 10th Annual Club Challenge Relayat Tufts University. This is a marathon relay where a club puts together a team of at least 10 men and 10 women to run 1-mile legs of a 26.2 mile relay. I should be done in less than 8 minutes, hopefully 7.

The race is on the same day as my daughter’s graduation party, at my house. I asked my team captain to put me on one of the first legs of the relay. Tufts is about 15 minutes from my house. No problem. I’ll run my leg and then get home.

I think if I get the yard cleaned up the week before the party I’ll be in good shape. My main job is making sure the propane tank is full and then manning the grill.

Sunday, Sunday

On Sunday June 22nd I have a real challenge. At 8AM the BAA 10K starts. At 9:30AM the Smutteynose 5K begins. I’m signed up for both races.

My 10K PR is 46:32 on a course with a few hills. The BAA 10K starts on Charles Street in Boston and runs out Comm Ave to the Agannis Arena at BU, and then turns around. If I start near the front and run hard, I should be able to do 46 minutes again. The only hill is the half mile on Comm Ave heading out to BU. After the 10K, instead of grabbing a drink and enjoying myself, I need to get to my car ASAP and drive to New Hampshire.

I’ll have 45 minutes to drive a distance that should take 40 minutes. Then I need to find a place to park, get my bib and run a 5K. By the time I get to my car I’ll probably only have 30 minutes to get to New Hampshire. On a Sunday morning on Rt 95, I should be able to get there in time. Finding a parking spot and getting my bib will be the challenge.

I wrote about this a few weeks ago and everyone said to go for it. The Smuttynose 5K is chip timed, so I just need to complete the race. I’ve run 5 races in the series all ready so I’m good for the jacket. To be able to honestly wear the 5K shirt, I need to complete the race.

Adding the 1 mile sprint and my daughter’s party the day before just makes that weekend that much more interesting.

The weekend before, I’ll be in Lubec, Maine for the Bay of Fundy Marathon on June 15th. Hopefully I’ll come through that race without any injuries that will screw up the weekend of June 21st.

Summers tend to be busy. Between family get togethers, vacations and the occasional race, they can get a little crazy. If I can survive the weekend of June 21st, the rest of the summer will be a cruise.

Plan well my friends,


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