Friday post

I don’t have any recent races to write about and I’ve been sick all week so my training program is totally shot. Yesterday I wrote a piece that was about life and changes and not so much about running. So I didn’t think that quit fit in with the theme I’m going for with this blog.

So today I want to let everyone know about a cool website that I recently discovered called What is so cool about this site is that you can gather all of your race results into one place. Over the past nine years I’ve run about 40 races and except for a few small races run by local Parks & Rec departments, they are all on my list.

It is free but you do need to sign up. Then the site looks for your races. If it does not find a race you can still try to find your results. I ran the Ocean State Marathon in Providence, RI in 2003 but the results did not show up. I knew I ran near the end of the pack so I started at the bottom of the finishers list and worked my way up. I was there but my name was spelled wrong! I was able to claim my results and add it to my list.

Once you have your list compiled you can then look at each race and see how you compared to the other runners in that race and how your results compare to your previous results. Cool stuff!

So check out, for a wicked good time! Thanks for reading and have a great Friday!

BTW – I’m going out for a 5K at lunch even if it kills me! I hate being sick.

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