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Will Run for BEER Series Photos

The LOCO Guy sent a link to photos of the Will Run for BEER Series on the Club LOCO Facebook page on Monday.

They have photos from all of the races in the 2013/2014 Will Run for BEER series. After running the Smuttynose 5K on June 22nd in that heat, it’s hard to believe how cold some of our races were this year.

smuttynose, will run for beer
A nice jacket

There are probably 1,000 photos in the collection. You are sure to find at least one of you.

I enjoyed scanning through the collection and looking at the faces and the look in the rummer’s eyes.

The looks of focus, concentration and determination. The pre-race far-away look that some runners get.

Then there are the on-course photos that also have faces of focus, determination and concentration. You also will see faces in pain with looks of desperation. Eyes that are looking for that next mile marker, water stop or the god damned finish!

Many runners on the courses have big smiles on their faces, waves, high fives and thumbs up. The expressions of the true joy of running. It is awesome to see.

At the finish lines there are still grim and stern looking faces but mostly looks of joy and celebration. No matter how painful it is to get to the finish line, it is always a joy to be on the “finished” side of that line. There is even a proposal at one of the races, I’ll let you find those photos.

The 2014 jacket may be bright, but I like it. It has two inside pockets, one with a pocket on top of where a gel or keys would fit perfectly. It hangs a little lower in the front to give you a little extra wind protection where you need it. It is – a nice running jacket.

Here is the link to Club LOCO’S photos.

Run well my friends!


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Author: OmniRunner

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6 thoughts on “Will Run for BEER Series Photos”

  1. Brilliant, motivating set of photos! What I love about pics like these – Is that during the race most folks have that dead eye stare “thing” going on. Battling whatever challenge they may be facing in the moment, and then suddenly … The race is finished and everyone is smiling! Awesome!!!

    1. When I looked through them I wished I had run all of the races. But there is only so much time.
      The looks of joy, even on the course, are just what it’s all about.
      Those looks are what make spectating and volunteering at races such a good time.

  2. I dig a bright jacket. And any sort of series that has “Beer” in the title. 🙂
    By the way Andy, I’ve nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger Award! Check out my post for the rules and such! Keep up the good work!

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