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2019 Running Review — 7 Comments

  1. Andy you are an inspiration! It really is great to read about other runners’ journeys; the good and the bad. Thanks for all you do to keep us going and racing!

    • Hi Judy,

      I appreciate your gracious comment!

      Often the wind is in your face and the reason the road rises to your feet is because you’re running up a hill!

      Happy New Year and have a great 2020!


    • Hi Yap,

      I’m not a doctor, pharmacist or nutritionist. This is just my experience.

      I used cinnamon and ginger for the most part. Most mornings I’ll have oatmeal with plenty of ginger and cinnamon.

      I also use a lot of garlic and cumin in my dinners, where appropriate.

      I’ve also cut back on sugar and alcohol.

      I’m sure there is more I can do and more powerful anti-inflammatory spices, but these were readily available and I could adopt them without any big lifestyle changes.

      Happy New Year,


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