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About Omni Running

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My name is Andy and Omni Running is my blog. Some people call me the Omni Runner so it seemed like a good name for my blog.

I started running in 2003 at the dawn of the internet age and way before social media was common.

Digital cameras were expensive and no one had heard of a smart phone!

The first race I ever registered for was the 2003 Boston Marathon. The first race I ever ran was the Run to Remember half marathon.

In 2023 I finished my 20th marathon and my 10th Boston marathon.

Running is my passion and over the past 20 years I’ve run 20 marathons and probably 60 Half-Marathons. I’ve lost track of how many 5Ks and 10Ks I’ve run.

In 2003 worked for a sponsor of the Boston Marathon and I received my number through their sponsorship.

Without being in the right place at the right time, I probably never would have become a runner.
You can read about my first marathon experience in one of my first blog posts: My First Marathon Experience.

Social Media

I didn’t even have a Facebook account until 2012. When I ran my first races web sites were mainly for business and people were reluctant to use their credit cards on-line.

In 2012 I started my first blog at the urging of friends. Everyone knew that I liked to run and seemed to think I had something to say.

About six years ago I started This was about the same time that I created and started selling the My First 5K medal for first time 5K runners.

It was the beginning of a new adventure and I’ve learned a lot about social media, business and running since then.

Professionally I work for a software company in marketing. I’m not a professional runner, certified coach and my degrees are all in business and marketing.

My Favorite Races

Like many runners, The Half Marathon is my favorite distance.

Marathons take months of training and preparation. They also take a lot out of you physically and mentally.

The half is easier to train for and is much less strenuous to run. But you still have to train for them! Half marathons are also easier to find than marathons.

I love to run 5K races for several reasons. No matter where you live you can find a 5K on most weekends within a reasonable distance from your home.

Some are big productions and parties and others are simple events with no frills. I love the big productions as much as I love the old school $20, manually timed 5K road races.

There’s nothing like a 5K that’s been around for years and run by a bunch of people from the local Kiwanis or Irish-American club.

But I’ve run and enjoyed the BAA 5K a few times also. Talk about a major production!

About Omni Running Blog

I enjoy writing as much as I enjoy running.

In my perfect life I’d run every day and write every day. Running is a great way to sort out my thoughts and ideas and I think every writer should be a runner also.

I write mostly about running and races. I also do an occasional product review of shoes, food or other gear.

Sometimes I write about something unrelated to running just because it interests me. Some of my most popular blog posts are about nutrition and battling mother nature.

I also put together directories of 5K road races, mostly in the Boston area. I spend a lot of time looking for races and sometimes find ones that you might not know about.

A few popular race directories are:

Somerville 5K Race Directory
Cambridge 5K Race Directory
New England Fall Marathons

I hope you enjoy my blog and you can always send questions to me at:
info @

Run well my Friends!

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