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Meb Keflezighi and Andy at Boston Marathon Expo 2018, Omni Running

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Welcome to Omni Running! Let me start you off with a few of my latest blog posts. Next, you will find a listing of 5K race directories and New England marathon directories for Fall and Winter races.

The photo above is from the 2018 Boston Marathon Expo. I met Meb at the KT Tape booth. He was taking photos and signing autographs, so I had to stop and say hello. Meb is the nicest guy you will ever meet!

2018 was the year it rained all day and most of the time it rained side-ways! 2023 was also wet and cold, but a walk in the park compared to 2018!

My 2018 Boston Marathon Experience

My 2023 Boston Marathon Experience

This is by far the most popular post on this blog.

Race Directories

New England Marathons for the Winer of 2024

New England Marathons for the Fall of 2024

I’ve been a runner for over twenty years and I like to write about my running adventures and what I’ve learned along the way.

You will find race reviews, product reviews and running tips and advice – all based on my personal experiences.

I’ve run twenty marathons and countless 5K, 10K and half-marathon road races. I’ve made most of the mistakes and can help you avoid some of them.

To learn a bit more about me and if you might be interested in reading my posts and perhaps following this blog, please read my About Omni Running Page.

You will also find some product reviews and local race directories. Some of these posts will have an affiliate link that will pay me a fee if you buy something or sign up for a race. I appreciate if you use one of these links as this helps cover the costs of this site.

It’s not all about running! On occasion I write about other topics and review non-running related products.

A few years ago I came up with an innovative way to display running medals. Too often our important medals end up in a box or drawer. Framing can be expensive, so I developed a clean looking design at an affordable price. Check out what I mean here: Medal Display Frames

About ten years ago I designed the My First 5K Medal. I saw too many people finish a 5K and either not get a medal or get some generic medal that gets handed out at races around the world.

If you have questions or an article idea, you can email me at: info at

Run well my Friends!

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