Nemo Geddon

Here in the Northeast we are hunkered down waiting for “NEMO” to come and get us. Does anyone else think it is ridiculous to name a snow storm?

The local TV┬ástations are all worked up in a tizzy over NEMO. The Governor has declared a “State of Emergency” and no cars can be on the road after 4PM.

Road to Boston

I managed to get four runs in this week for just over 25 miles for the week. I’m feeling healthy and am glad to have two weeks in a row with 25 miles run and at least 3 runs.

We are supposed to do a 16.5 mile long run on Sunday. We may have over 2 feet of snow on the ground, so this could get interesting.

Just a short note today. I came into the office to get some work done and now it is time to leave.

Hello Nemo Geddon!

Be safe and thanks for stopping by.


Author: OmniRunner

9X Boston Marathon finisher, 17X marathons total. Sharing my love for running and the fun adventures and lessons that come with it. Helping non-profits increase fundraising and new runners celebrate their First 5K.

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