BAA 10K Number

My BAA 10K number arrived over the weekend and I opened the envelope yesterday.

The envelope had my bib, 4 safety pins and the booklet with rules, things to know etc. There are 8,000 runners this year and corrals will be seeded by bib number. I’m not sure how they assigned bib numbers but my number in less than 1,000. After the Marathon Doppelganger debacle I wont give my exact number, but it is shockingly low for a field of 8,000 runners.

Boston Marathon, running

There are over 2,600 runners in the BAA Distance Medley. These folks signed up for all three races on one application. I’ve done it before. It’s convenient, locks you in to the races, guarantees your entry and enters you into a special club of runner. I almost feel that there was a mistake. My bib says “BAA Distance Medley” on it and has my name, just like I was a Medley runner. I am , however not a member of that august group.

This is my streak race. I have run the BAA 10K each year since 2011. This is year four for this race and it will by my 4th running as well. When I am an old man, this will be the race that I will still be able to hobble to the finish line. This is the race I hope to run with my children and grandchildren some day. The grand kids will think pops is cool for running. My kids just think I’m nuts. But when I’m eighty, I’ll still be able to do 6.2 miles in under two hours as long as I don’t need to stop and change my depends!

I can only imagine the BAA gave me this awesome number because I am a legacy. I’m a frequent flier and they upgraded me to first class. I’ve run the Marathon 6 times. I ran the 5K once and this will be my 4th BAA 10K. My number is not so high that I’ll be taking selfies with Meb and the other top elites. But it is so low that I was a little giddy when I realized that 8,000 people will be lining up on race day. I’ll be in the first corral with over 7,000 behind me. I’ve never been in the top 10%. I hope they are not expecting a top 10% performance. I know how to run like I’m going to puke, but that still wont touch what the kids can do.

But, I get to do a peddle to the medal race without any walkers in front of me. This could be a PR 10K. I’ve been excited all day!

Run well my friends.


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