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Why I Love Saturday Races — 4 Comments

  1. Okay, trade running for riding, because it’s me, I still prefer Sunday for the lighter traffic. That said, I love Saturdays too!
    Generally speaking I ride both, Sunday being the longer, more adventurous ride.
    I’d bet that last point has something to do with Sundays being my favorite…
    Great post, Andy.

    • I really was surprised when I looked at the numbers. I run a lot of 5Ks, so it’s not like I only saw the marathons when I was looking for races.

  2. For several years I worked on Saturdays, and it seemed like there weren’t as many races on Sundays. Maybe because I live in more of a Bible Belt state? (Haven’t checked the figures.) Anyway, I would agree that Saturdays are preferable. And now that I have Saturdays off I get to run them — as long as my kids don’t have anything going on.

    • I didn’t look at all of the states, or even all of the “Bible Belt” states. But based on the ones that I looked at and the huge disparity between them and New England and California, it’s the only un-scientific conclusion I could draw.
      I have run a few races on a Saturday, I’ve even run both days on a few weekends.
      It’s interesting how an opinion can be formed and be so wrong!

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