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DCR Thanksgiving 5K race, Melrose Running Club

3rd Annual 5K Stride

My First 5K in November

Was the Saugus YMCA’s 3rd Annual Strides For The Saugus Y 5K.

The race was Saturday, November 8th at 9AM at the DCR’s Breakheart Reservation in Saugus.

92 runners finished the race. At the start the announcer said that last year they had around 70 registrations and this year it was around 140. It seems that a lot of people didn’t show up.

It was a cold autumn day with a light breeze and temps in the high 40’s. I did see plenty of people with young children, not sure why so many adults signed up but didn’t show up. The Y got to keep the registration fee which is good, and there was plenty of food for everyone who did show up.

They even had Kane’s Donuts. I used to live down the street from Kane’s and we went there at least once a month. I was able to bring home a cinnamon donut for my wife, who was very pleased.

5k race, runners
Larry Donoghue at the finish

Even a small race like this drew some impressive runners. The hills in Breakheart would keep most people from running a 5K PR. The leaves on the ground didn’t help either. The top 10 all ran under 7:00 average pace and the winner, Dan Chruniak of Beverly, ran a 5:58 pace for a finish time of 18:27.

The top lady finisher was Biliana Mihaylova of Saugus who ran a 6:49 pace for a 21:07 finish.

I came in 15th overall and 3rd in my age group. I missed 2nd place by 1 second. As we came down the hill to the finish I could hear this guy coming up behind me, hauling ass down the hill. The path was covered in leaves and I was putting on the brakes a bit to avoid slipping. Guy Joslin ran the last bit all out and that made the difference.

I wasn’t out for a PR or to even place, but to be so close! I thought the guy coming up on me must have been a younger person to have legs like that near the end and after 5 hills.

I ran at a pace I felt safe at and that is what is important. I did not slip or get hurt and I am ready to run today. My first 5K of November was a success. I ran strong and placed in my age group. I’m pretty happy about that.

Melrose Running Club

5K race, ny first 5k
Team MRC

The MRC was well represented with seven runners including Regina Curran, Larry Donoghue, Judy Galvin and me. It’s always fun to hang with the club at races. I also saw plenty of familiar faces from other races including my buddy Jim who I have seen at about 5 races over the past year.

Breakheart Reservation in Saugus is a DCR park that is open year-round from dawn to dusk. The Melrose Running Club runs through the park on several of our long runs. We are familiar with those killer hills, but also the peace and quiet of the park. Even with Rt. 1 being less than a mile away.

On November 23rd They are hosting their 25th Annual Breakheart Turkey Trot 5K Fun Run. The race starts at 10AM and is FREE. Registration begins at 9:30AM day of the race. They will be raising money through raffles, so don’t forget to tuck a $10 or $20 into your running gear.

Be sure to check out the visitor center. This large building has clean bathrooms and a large main room with a huge fireplace. It is beautiful inside and a great place to stay warm before the Turkey Trot or get warm after a walk in the park.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. It is getting brisk here in New England. You better get out and enjoy the great outdoors before Jack Frost comes to town!

Run well my friends!


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