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40 Days to Boston

We are getting to the home stretch for the 2014 Boston Marathon.

40 days to Boston!

If you are running I hope your training is going well and that you have avoided illness and injury. So many runners get sick or injured while training for a marathon. In the Northeast, I think this is caused by the bad weather, running in darkness, and the bad roads.

As you increase your miles you have more opportunity to get hurt and more exposure to the elements. It has not been an easy winter here in the Northeast. All of this extra strain on your system can also make you more susceptible to germs.

It’s important to get as much sleep as possible and take your rest days as rest days. I try to wear gloves on my way to work to help reduce my exposure to germs left on doors and elevator buttons. I’m also trying to eat more fruit as a natural source of vitamins.

On Wednesday the BAA sent out another email for runners to keep us up-to-date. The new policies need to be followed and the BAA is working to make sure all runners know what is expected.

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Marathon Day Tip

I did trade email with a BAA official about wearing clear trash bags. As long as you are wearing the bag it should be okay. You CANNOT have ANY bag larger than 5x5x15. If your trash bag doesn’t have holes then it is too big and they will make you throw it away. ANY bag that can hold things and is larger than 5x5x15 is NOT allowed.

Officials reserve the right to change their policies at any time. As runners we know how to adapt to our environment and still run the hills. As runners we are even-tempered and can endure much.

It’s going to be a great race, a special race and a day that is sure to move you in ways you may not expect. Embrace the moment.

Run well my friends.


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