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A Few Good Races

Two races that I thought would be sold out by now still have numbers.

Boston’s Run to Remember has entries available at the Expo on Saturday. On-line registration has closed. For the past two years they have sold out before race day. Is the magic over?

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Last year the race was a mob scene. Maybe that turned people off? This year they are asking runners to self-seed themselves in the proper pace coral. It is voluntary but should help keep the 12 min mile folks from proudly lining up at the front.

The BAA sent an email Thursday with BAA 10K information. They are still accepting registrations also! Race details HERE. 

I haven’t done research and a detailed analysis but it seems to me that both of these races sold out well before race day these past two years.

The surge in interest in running over the past two years has been both encouraging and discouraging.

It’s been great to see new races develop and established races sell out. It’s hard enough to turn a profit on a race, but when they do not sell out it can be really challenging. For a non-profit to have staff work for months to put on a race and then only make a few thousand dollars or lose money is not worth their effort.

So it has been great to see the support. I know some runners have complained about the increase in “casual” runners who are out for the experience of the race and joy of running with no illusions of winning. They have swelled the ranks and been a boost to our local running culture.

I fully support these runners and welcome them to all races. That freedom to participate at your own level and make the experience your own is part of what makes our sport so special and unique.

Seeing races sell out in days or hours has been discouraging. Two years ago I missed the Run to Remember because I did not sign up immediately. I’ve managed to get into the BAA 10K because when registration opens at 10AM, I have had my credit card on my desk and the registration page open.

I’m a mad man.

Surge in prices

I haven’t done the analysis but it seems that some popular races have increased their prices. I know that costs go up each year. You would think that the additional runners would cover those costs and relieve the need to raise registration fees.

High registration fees are one of the top complaints of runners in polls. Organizers need to cover their costs and pay staff or put money into their programs. I think we all understand that. But when you pay $100 to run a half marathon it seems more like a supply and demand situation.

How do you feel about registration fees?

Have you seen price increases over the past few years?

Have you seen races cut items out to keep fees low?

Run well my friends, enjoy your weekend and remember our veterans.

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