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Boston Marathon Expo

The Expo opens Friday at Noon.

Boston Marathon Expo Advice

Most likely you are staying in a hotel in town and can walk to The Hynes Convention Center. The address is in your Runner Passport. Just in case, it is 900 Boylston Street.

boston marathon expoYou can walk there or take the “T” as we call the subway here in Boston. If you take The T you want to take the Green line to the Hynes Convention Center stop.

Now, for all of you out-of-town folks, there are 4 green lines, B, C, D and E. The A train used to go to Watertown, but was closed in the 60’s. The Green Line ends at Lechmere Station.


If you get on the Green Line at Lechmere, Science Park, North Station, Haymarket, Park Street, Boylston Street, Arlington Street or Copley – DO NOT TAKE THE “E” TRAIN.

B, C & D all stop at the Hynes Convention Center. The E train does NOT. Between the often poor sound quality and the driver’s Boston accent, you may not understand the announcements. Most trains have electronic signs that tell you which station you are entering. The name of each station is also on the walls of the station. If you are dressed like a runner, everyone in Boston will be more than happy to help you also.

After you pick up your bib, shirt and check out the Expo, you will want to take the Green line INBOUND. The train may say Lechmere. That is okay.

Blogger’s Convention

I was going to try and get a bunch of blogging runners, or running bloggers (?) together at the Expo. With travel plans, it has not been easy to co-ordinate.

I plan on going Friday and hanging out for a few hours, probably untill 2pm. Since I live near by, I may go again on Saturday or Sunday.

If you want to meet at the top of the escalator on the 3rd floor send me an email at Send me a message with your cell phone and I’ll send you a text message.

It may be fun to hang out at the pasta dinner if our seating times line up.

T map, boston marathon expo
Green Line

Run well and I’ll see you in Boston!

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