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Category: Home and Family

  • Stir Crazy After All These Weeks

    Is anyone else getting the itch to go back to work in an office? Feeling stir crazy after all these weeks? I know, it seems crazy right? But what isn’t these days? Working from home is a great convenience. But it feels like a limbo between retirement and work. My schedule is much more flexible…

  • The COVID Clean out

    The COVID Clean out

    When common items like tissues and paper towels began to dissapear from store shelves, I rummaged through our draws at home. It’s amazing what I found.

  • Tick Management and Control

    Tick Management and Control

    Ticks have been a menace to humanity for millennia. As tick habitat has rebounded and we have moved further into this habitat the menace to our health has grown.

  • What I Think about when I Work from Home

    What I Think about when I Work from Home

    I try to stay focused on work and taking care of my family, but the mind does wander at times.

  • How to Work From Home

    How to Work From Home

    We all know how to work from home. But how do you do it for weeks or months? How do you manage kids, work and a bit of time to decompress and keep up with events?

  • Krystle Campbell Peace Garden

    Krystle Campbell Peace Garden

    Sunday, September 25th, the Krystle Campbell Peace Garden was dedicated in Medford. It still feels close, even after two and a half years. I can’t even imagine how it feels for the Lus, Colliers, Richards and Campbells. Does the pain and darkness ever fade? As much as we all want to move on, need to move…