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  • 5 Ways to Cut 5 Minutes off Your Marathon

    5 Ways to Cut 5 Minutes off Your Marathon

    Even the best runner in the world can loose time by making simple mistakes. You don’t have to!

  • Big Long Run

    Big Long Run

    This Saturday was the longest of the long runs before Boston. We had a convoy of cars take us out to Hopkinton for the 21.5 mile run to Boston College. Big Long Run We have spent the past twelve weeks building up to this run. Prior to this run, our longest had been 20 miles.…

  • February Wrap Up

    February Wrap Up

    In my last post I went over my mileage and training for February. For tracking purposes February ended on Saturday for me. But on the calendar February is still rolling along. Last week I ran a grueling 14.6 mile long run. It was just awful in so many ways. Looking ahead to this week’s 18.1…

  • Marathon Training Begins

    Marathon Training Begins

    Probably the worse run of my life was the 2003 Boston Marathon. I had never run a marathon and was woefully under trained. I had jumped at an opportunity without much thought and had no concept of what I was about to do. The two things I had going for me were youth (38 years-old)…

  • Training Day with Ryan Hall

    Training Day with Ryan Hall

    Yesterday I posted a brief video of Kara Goucher giving some training advice. Training Day with Ryan Hall Today I have a 15 minute video that follows a March 2011 training day with Ryan Hall. Ryan was running a 15 mile tempo run in Flagstaff, AZ. He was in Flagstaff training for the 2011 Boston Marathon…

  • Super Sunday Long Run Part II

    Super Sunday Long Run Each year our club volunteers for the “Victorian Fair” in Melrose. Melrose has many Victorian style homes that are just amazing. I have been told that many of these homes were built by railroad owners and executives. It’s a big street fair with vendors and local civic organizations. The Melrose Running Club…, pub-4167727599129474, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0