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COVID Close Out Sale

COVID Close Out Sale

Like most race directors, I planned for 2020 just like any other year.

Things were going as projected until late March.

Many spring races were postponed or cancelled. Eventually races started going virtual.

Virtual races are catching on but registrations have not returned to normal levels yet.

Since I still have most of my 2020 inventory and the end of 2020 is approaching, I thought I would have a COVID close out sale.

Medals for Virtual Races

Now through the end of the year all My First 5K medals will be on sale for $4.95.

No coupon code is required. Order as many as you need.

My First 5K Medal, COVID close out saleFor 2020 I added the option of having “2020 Finisher” in pink print on the ribbon.

Pink is the color for Breast Cancer Awareness and I thought people running a 5K fundraiser would prefer that color.

A few did sell but I still have plenty left.

5k running medals for first time runnersThe standard white ribbon print is also still available.

These medals and ribbons are identical except for the color of the print.

All medals ship with the red “My First 5K” bib sticker also.

If you already ran your first 5K in 2020 or 2019, 2018 or 2017 you can order just the ribbon for $2.00 including shipping.

The ribbons have a Velcro clasp so they can be added to any medal to designate that medal as a first 5K race medal.

To order a ribbon

My First 5K Medal in frame, zig zag ribbonAn additional benefit of a removable ribbon is that it gives you display options you would not have available with a standard ribbon.

If you are looking to frame a first 5K medal for your runner, I can help with that also.

Medal inlay, display frameThrough the end of 2020, Medal Frames are available for $24.95. I can frame your 5K medal or frame just about any running medal in a great looking frame.

These frames make a great Christmas gift for your runner whether they are a first time 5K runner or have another race they are particularly proud of.

The frames look great in your office or your home office. Start a conversation.

Let me know if you have any questions at info @, pub-4167727599129474, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0