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Double booked – again

Have you ever registered for two races on the same day?

I don’t mean sitting at your computer registering for a bunch of races during lunch. I mean signing up to run two races on the same date. I did this once last year. I was signed up for the Smuttynose 6K and got an email about the AIDS Walk Boston and 5K Run. The AIDS run raises a lot of money for much-needed research and my employer is a significant sponsor. So I signed up for the 5K while at my desk at work and when I got home I realized I had already signed up for Smuttynose on the same date!

I ended up giving my bib to someone else to run the AIDS run, and I went to New Hampshire to run the 6K and get my Will Run for Beer jacket. I made a donation to a good cause, and hopefully made someone happy to be able to participate in the AIDS run. Double good karma.

Well, I’ve done it again. In January I decided to run the 2014 Will Run for Beers Series and go for the jacket again. Two years ago I ran enough races but did not sign up for the jacket. Since I knew I was going to run the races this year, I decided to get the jacket for the extra $5.00. As a result, I signed up for the Will Run for Beer Smuttynose 5K on June 22nd. It turns out, that is the same day as the BAA 10K.

I’m a streaker for the BAA 10K. This will be my fourth BAA 10K and it is the 4th year the BAA has produced this race. It is hard to be a streaker because life gets in the way, you forget to sign up etc. There were “only” 8,000 bibs available on May 1st at 10AM, so I made sure I was ready.

I was so nervous while filling out my entry that my hands were shaking. This is an important race to me and one that I enjoy. My hands were shaking because I knew the race would sell out in hours or less. If I had some sort of error or if something timed out, I may not get a second chance to register.

But I digress.

I am now signed up for the Smuttynose 5K in Hampton, NH and the BAA 10K in Boston. *&%#! The 10K starts at 8AM. My 10K PR is 46:29 on a hilly course. The BAA 10K is in the Back Bay and out Comm. Ave to BU’s Agannis Arena. There is about a mile of hill out to the turn around at BU, then down hill back to Kenmore. If I am un-injured I should be able to run this race in 46 minutes or less. That will leave me with 45 minutes to get to my car in Cambridge and drive to Hampton, NH.

The distance is 47.64 miles and should take an hour. I’m thinking that on a Sunday morning travelling at just over the speed limit I should be able to get to Hampton in 45 minutes. If all goes well I can get there just as the race starts. Part of all going well is finding a parking spot as the last guy to show up, getting my bib with minimal fuss and getting to the starting line.

road trip, runner, shoes

It’s only a 5K and I’m not worried about my finish time. I just want to run the race and collect my jacket. Do you think I can make it? Is this just totally nuts? Even if I start 10 minutes after everyone else, it doesn’t matter to me. It won’t be the first time I was the last person to cross a starting line.

I’ve all ready run 5 races in the series, which qualifies me for the jacket. Even if I miss the race I can still enjoy the party, hang with my friends and pick up my jacket. No sense getting a speeding ticket or worse.

It’s a logistical challenge. I know I can get there in time for the post race party. The question is, can I get there in time to run the race?

Run well my friends.


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