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lacing techniques

Lacing Techniques

Have you ever had foot pain from your favorite shoe? Have you purchased a new pair of your old favorite but somehow it just doesn’t fit the same as last year’s model?

Sometimes, just changing the way you lace your shoes can make a difference. This is more than loosening or tightening your laces.

Check out this video from Running Warehouse

Lacing Techniques for Running Shoes

I’ve had people tell me about different ways to lace my shoes to cure various issues. The problem is I can never remember how they did it. One time someone even re-laced a shoe for me. When I got home it still looked incomprehensible. Maybe I’m a little slow.

lacing techniquesWhen I was in Boy Scouts I always had a hard time tieing the different knots. I have no idea why this is so hard for me but it is.

Fortunately this video is very clear and doesn’t skip that crucial step that all other videos seem to do. I hate it when a video skips what seems like an insignificant step. I need it all spelled out for me clear as day. Explain it to me as if I was in 4th grade.

If you are having problems with a particular shoe, or if you always have foot problems, this video may be for you.

Running Warehouse has a ton of other great videos that you may find useful also.

Do you use different lacing techniques already?

What types of foot problems are you dealing with?

Did you try any of the techniques in the video and get some relief?

Run well my friends,

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