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London Olympics, August 8th, 2012

London Olympics

Last night I surfed through hours of sports on my DVR. We’re not into water polo or volley ball so there was a lot to skip. We have made a point of spending some time watching sports we never get to see.

Last night I watched Woman’s Shot Put.I don’t know how much that ball weighs but those ladies could really throw that thing. Now the track girls looked pretty sweet for the most part. But the shot put ladies were rugged and powerful.

I also watched the Men’s Hammer Throw and Discus. The little circle of cement that they launch from is surrounded on 3 sides by netting like they use on construction sites. I’m sure it’s very strong and would probably stop a car. As I watched one guy wind up with the hammer, I noticed a camera man standing just a few feet away from the netting. I couldn’t help but think what would happen if the athlete let go at the wrong time? It must happen sometimes. Would the net stop a hammer with that much velocity? It does go something like 70 feet when they do launch it.

In all fairness to the ladies, those guys looked like cavemen also. Just big hulking guys.

I’m looking forward to watching the BMX Cycling and the Women’s Gymnastics

American John Flanagan in the hammer throw com...
American John Flanagan in the hammer throw competition at the Summer Olympics 1908 in London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The American girls seemed to be doing great. I’ve managed to avoid seeing results, so I’m usually on the edge of my seat while watching these events.

Have a great day, enjoy the rest of The Olympics, and thanks for reading my blog. I do appreciate it.

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