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Memorial Day Weekend Day One

Memorial Day weekend is here!

Day One of Memorial Day weekend 2022

As June 1st rapidly approaches, I decided to take a day off from work and make this a four-day weekend.

Taking a week day off has some great advantages to it.

All the stores are open and if you run your errands in the morning there aren’t any crowds.

Like most people my age, a day off from work, or a stay-cation even becomes a chance to get things done.

Memorial Day One Accomplishments

I’m driving an 18-year old BMW 325xi. Like any car that old, something always needs some attention.

A few weeks ago I replaced the headlight assemblies because the lenses were beyond repair. WD-40 only worked for a few days.

As a do-it-yourself project it cost about $300.

BMW 325xi 2004In April I realized that my exhaust was probably too loud to pass inspection. A specialty muffler shop welded in some pipe where the flanges on two pipes were too rusted to just replace the gasket.

Definitely not a do-it-yourself project! Total cost $255.

I was in and out of that muffler shop in under an hour and it didn’t cost $1,000. I was thrilled!

On Wednesday I took my car to Monro Muffler to get the front stabilizer links replaced. Total cost $312.49. These guys sent me to the other muffler shop for the welding and told me about my suspension issues.

I know, you are thinking that all of that is really adding up. Those three items came to $867.49 which is a lot of money.

But that is about two payments on a replacement car and we are five months into the year. So I’m still ahead three months of car payments.

Best of all, my car passed inspection on Friday. So I have more time to look for a replacement car.

It’s always a relief when they back my old car out of the garage and it doesn’t have a rejection sticker on it!

My wife is beginning to think that I’m doing too many repairs. Last weekend she was browsing a local BMW dealer’s site and made some suggestions!

Most guys would take that approval and head for the dealership.

But most dealerships have limited inventory and they do not need to cut you a deal. It’s just not a good time to buy a car. On top of that, they are not going to give me much for an 18-year old car.

And I kind of like having a project to do and not having a car payment.

Memorial Day Weekend sales

I’ve been going to physical therapy for a vey long time.

During my appointments, my PT often has me use kettlebells.

These are great weights to use and are very versatile.

During my travels on Friday I stopped by our local Target store. Some of the PTs where I go suggested Target as a good place to find kettlebells.

I had been shopping on line for them but they were expensive and cost a fortune to ship. Who would think to go to Target for weights?

Turns out they have a fairly good selection of fitness gear, but nothing heavy duty.

The prices on the kettlebells on display were higher than what I saw on line and were coated in plastic. I wanted just iron kettlebells.

I had to make some detours around the store because isles were blocked by employees stocking shelves.

As I went down one isle I noticed some kettlebells on a bottom shelf and a sign that said “clearance sale”.

I wasn’t sure why weights would be on clearance, but who am I to ague with saving money?

Kettlebell weights, cross trainingThe selection was limited, but I bought two 25lb weights and one 12lb.

One of the 25lb weights didn’t have a tag and the cashier scanned the 12lb weight twice. I didn’t notice until I got home.

The 25lb weights had been $59.99, marked down to $29.99 and my price was $17.99.

The 12lb weight had been $34.99 and I paid $10.49.

But I only paid $17.99 for one 25lb and $10.49 the the second one.

It was a total deal and I didn’t have to pay for shipping!

While I was putting my things on the check out counter the woman in front of me noticed the weights. We started chatting and she mentioned that she had been looking for kettlebells. Just like me, she thought that they were expensive. She was thrilled when I mentioned that they were on sale!

She said she was going to put her things in her car and come back in to look for them. And probably buy more other stuff.

As I was walking out of Target she was walking across the parking lot to go back into the store and find those weights.

So not only did I get a great deal, but I was able to help someone else get a great deal also.

As I drove home I felt great about the entire experience.

I’m not sure how much I’ll get done the rest of this Memorial Day weekend, but I think I’m off to a good start.

Run well my Friends!

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