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Running the Melrose Y Spooky Sprint 2016

Melrose Y Spooky Sprint

This is the third year that I’ve run the Melrose Y Spooky Sprint 5K. Somehow I keep getting slower! One year the course was short and this year I’m a little out of shape.

Melrose Y spooky sprint 5k, kids race, melrose 5K raceThe Melrose Y Spooky Sprint has been around for seven years. The combination of a professional Y staff and seven years experience managing this race makes for a smooth operation. There was plenty of food and water after the race and by the time I left the food was gone and picked up.

They did need a better PA system, as most runners could not hear the pre-race announcements. But, the course was marked accurately.

Proceeds from the Spooky Sprint benefit the Melrose Family YMCA’s Growing Stronger Together scholarship fund which ensures no one in the community is turned away for inability to pay. The Fund also allows adults and families to participate in YMCA activities. Children can learn to swim, or go to summer camp.


Melrose RC Supports the Melrose Y

Melrose Running Club, melrose Y spooky sprintEach year the Melrose Running Club has a large group in this race. Each year, several runners run with their children and in costume! This year I saw club members dressed as Wonder Woman and Superman!

The Melrose RC had 26 runners this year. Our top runners were:

Ed Bradford 7th over all, 1st in his age group with a time of 18:11

Katherine Kulig 18th over all, 1st in her age group, 2nd female over all with a time of 20:04

melrose Y spooky sprint 2016Judy Dolan 252nd over all, 1st in her age group with a time of 29:56

Jeanne Boisseau was 295th over all, 2nd in her age group with a finish time of 31:01.

I came in 77th over all, 4th in my age group with a finish time of 24:06.

Running My Race

A few years ago I came in 3rd in my age group. This year I had to really work to reach for a 24 minute finish. I was pretty consistent throughout the race and never thought about giving up and settling for what ever. It still wasn’t enough.

The key to 5K racing is to never have a doubt and run each step as hard as you can. While you are making bargains with your self, your finish time is slipping away. I’ve done this many times and almost always during a half or full marathon.

With a longer race you have time to recover from your moments of doubt. In a 5K, just a quarter mile of resignation and weakness will keep you from running at your capacity.

I’ve run many 5Ks faster than this one, but in this race I never had a doubt.

I was running as hard and as smart as I could and felt 100% in. All that being said, my best was still 24:06. I can’t complain because that was my best. I didn’t get that number because I slacked.

That is a result of being 10lbs heavier than last year and having not put in the miles. PRs are not for the inattentive, casual trainer.

Moving Forward

My docs have given me the all clear. There is nothing broken in my knees. My patellas are a little out of alignment and my feet are flat, and probably always have been. Maybe they caused some of my issues.

These are minor issues that can be addressed mainly with focused exercises. No drugs or surgeries required. It is up to me.

Moving forward my goal is to get my base back to 25 miles per week. Just like running a race, this will take a conscious effort. And it wont be easy.

I hope you are enjoying the fall running season. The cooler temps make racing so much more enjoyable.

Run well my Friends!


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