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Saturday Running Sunday Kayaking

The Melrose Running club began their “Fall Sunday Long Run Program” this week. We call it the Fall Program because local runners use it to prepare for their fall marathons.

Because the MRC had their summer party Saturday night, we had our first run on Saturday. We didn’t want anyone staying up too late and have to run hungover or anything.

Saturday Running

We had a great turn out for our first run of the series. There had to be 50 runners, mostly from The Mystics and Melrose. The run was only 8.8 for the long run and 4.2 miles for the short run.

sunday long run, marathon training, week one, wk 0, wk 1, saturday runningBetween the good weather, short distance and being the first run we had a great turn out. Many familiar faces and as always a few new ones.

Jim got us started just after 8AM with a quick run down of the route and we were off.

I’m trying to get geared up for and decide on two marathons. For this run my goal was 9 minute miles. To qualify for Boston I need 8 minute miles, but you have to start somewhere.

Since this was more of a test run, 9 minute miles ware sufficient. To ramp up properly and avoid injury, exercising patience and smarts is crucial.

I have lingering issues that I need to be careful with. I’ve been examined by a Physical Therapist and an Orthopedist who both said there is nothing wrong with me. Somehow, my knees still hurt when I run long distances.

I made it though the run with an average pace of 9:04. Most of my miles were within 10 seconds of 9 minutes, so I was pleased with my consistency.

No heroics, but a good start to a long training program.

Sunday Kayaking

My wife and I signed up for Boating in Boston this year. For the past two years my wife has had an individual pass which gave her several friend passes also. This year we did a family plan which is good for two boats.

Boating in Boston is set up at Spot Pond in Stoneham, Lake Quannapowitt, Newton Lower Falls on The Charles River, Hopkinton State Park, and Lake Cochituate in Cochituate State Park in Natick.

lake quannapowitt, kayaking, boating in Boston We’ve kayaked on Spot Pond many times, so we decided to try Lake Q for a change of pace.

Lake Q was a bit longer of a drive, but not by much. There was plenty of parking on Rt 129 and it was an easy walk to the pavilion. They checked us in quickly and after we fiddled around getting our life jackets to fit, we were on the water in no time.

Spot Pond is next to Rt 93 and Lake Q is close to Rt. 95. At some places on each lake you cannot hear the traffic and in other places it sounds like a speed way.

Spot Pond definitely has clearer water and is actually a back up reservoir for the MWRA. You can see the bottom in 10 to 15 feet of water easily. Lake Q is not a reservoir and it’s a good thing.

I’ve run around this lake 100 times easily, but I’ve never been on it.

As soon as you push off into the water you can see how murky it is. The water doesn’t smell bad, but you really don’t want to go for a swim.

I’ve seen people fishing and talked to a couple fisherman once. There are fish in the lake, but I’m not sure I’d want to eat them. I think this is a catch and release lake.

Soon after we cast off, I started my watch. I’ve done this before at Spot Pond and it’s always fun to see where you went.

Somehow, Garmin recorded my splits in meters and shows that we averaged 7:01 per 1,609 meter split. 1,609 is just about a mile, so we were moving at 7:01 per mile in a kayak!

After we got out of the boats my watch showed a time of an Hour and twenty minutes, and a distance of about 3.5 miles. That would be a more realistic pace of just under 22 minutes per mile.

So we had a leisurely and enjoyable 1:20 kayaking trip on Lake Q.

Spot Pond is cleaner and has move coves to check out. I think we both prefer Spot Pond, but were happy for the change of scenery at Lake Q.

Another great summer weekend!

Run well my Friends!

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