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Smuttynose Palooza 2014 is on!

I received an email last night from LOCO Mike regarding the Smuttynose Palooza 2014.

Weather forecast for Saturday is 45F with a 7mph breeze. There are still bibs available if you are looking for a fun 5K this weekend. The race is on a Saturday, so you can still get in your Sunday Long Run!

Smuttynose Palooza 2013, race, runner
Ocean over takes runners

This is a tough winter, but last year had its moments. In February 2013 The Half at The Hamptons was cancelled. A big storm was coming up the coast and authorities shut things down. I don’t think the storm ended up being as bad as forecast, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

This photo is at the finish line at the Smuttynose Palooza 2013. The Atlantic was rolling down the streets!

Within a quarter-mile after the start, we had to jump over or run through a section of street that was flooded out. I seem to recall that there was a ton of sand in said street as well. What an adventure: winter running in New England.

I’m looking forward to a comfortable race. 45F with a light breeze is going to be awesome!

Run well my friends.

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