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  • 150000 views and counting!

    150000 views and counting!

    Keeping a blog going for 8 years is no easy task. COVID, injuries and dealing with the loss of family only added to the challenge.

  • 100000 Views and Counting!

    100000 Views and Counting!

    100000 views and counting for Omni Running! I began this blog in August of 2014 at the urging of a few friends. At the time I didn’t know much about social media, barely used Facebook and had never heard of WordPress. The one thing I did know about was running. In 2014 I had been…

  • Abandoned Properties

    Abandoned Properties

    Once a year I go through each of my social media accounts. Every time I do this I find Abandoned Properties. What are Social Media Abandoned Properties? You’ve probably guessed what I mean already. Abandoned properties are accounts where the author has stopped writing, updating or maintaining their account. You may be one of these people.…