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  • Fitness Level Calculator

    Fitness Level Calculator

    The VO2 Max test is a good way to determine your fitness level and your fitness age.

  • Sunday Long Run 3 Fall 2023

    Sunday Long Run 3 Fall 2023

    It’s time to train for those fall marathons!

  • The Old Folks are Alright

    The Old Folks are Alright

    My parents lived in a retirement community if Florida for about 25 years. When they moved in they were in their early 70s and were the new kids down the block. The Old Folks are Alright When they bought their home the old folks were in their 80s and 90s. People who were WWII vets…

  • DEXA Body Composition Scan

    DEXA Body Composition Scan

    The DEXA body scan is the most accurate method to measure body composition and distribution of fat and muscle mass. Read about my scan and learn more about the DEXA body composition scan.

  • Mid-week motivation

    Check out this link on Health & Fitness Obsession, or lack thereof in the US. I love infographics because you can see so much data in an easy to consume format. I don’t think most of this information will be startling to any of you. If you were thinking of NOT going to the gym…

  • Health on sale

    Health on sale

    Turmeric Curcumin A few years ago while working through a running injury a friend told me about turmeric. My injury involved inflammation and they told me that turmeric had anti-inflammatory properties. I had been dealing with my injury with ibuprofen, ice and compression. It’s not good to take the maximum daily dose of ibuprofen for…