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  • Fitness Level Calculator

    Fitness Level Calculator

    The VO2 Max test is a good way to determine your fitness level and your fitness age.

  • Five Easy ways to Prevent Windburn

    Five Easy ways to Prevent Windburn

    What is Windburn? Windburn is dry, chapped skin caused by prolonged exposure to cold, dry air. Windburn is caused by your body’s response to cold, dry air. Wind accelerates this process by drawing heat and moisture from your skin. Sunburn has similar symptoms but is caused by prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light (UV) from the…

  • Tick Season is here

    New England Tick Season is here Tick season is during the warmer months of the year, April through September. We had a cold and snowy winter here in New England and some parts of northern New England still have snow on the ground. Ticks are able to winter over in leaf litter on the forest…

  • New Year’s Resolutions

    What are you doing today? Here we are about a week away from the New Year. Often, resolutions are made on these evenings with a beverage in hand, a smile on the lips and not a care in our minds. It is a celebration after all, and all are in high spirits on such a…

  • Whats your number?

    We are constantly hearing about the obesity epidemic in the United States. For a variety of reasons, including genetics and lifestyle, we as a country are getting heavier and less healthy. From a National perspective the results of this trend are frightening. From a personal perspective they can be tragic. What is obesity, how do…