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  • 23 and Me February

    23 and Me February

    January was a successful month for running. Through Fall I managed to run about sixty miles each month. With a slight improvement each month through December. In January I ran just over 91 miles. It wasn’t without aches and pains, but it was run with little doubt. I was confident as I pushed the mileage…

  • Road to Boston SLR 9

    Road to Boston SLR 9

    It’s hard to believe that we’re almost two-thirds through our training for the 2023 Boston Marathon!

  • 2022 InterSystems Invitational 5K

    This week we are in beautiful Seattle Washington for the InterSystems Global Summit 2022. After two years of virtual summits we are are thrilled to be here in person, enjoying each other’s company and having a bit of fun along the way. InterSystems Invitational 5K This year we didn’t plan an “official” 5K, but since…

  • Boston Marathon Training 2018 5 Weeks to go

    Boston Marathon Training 2018 5 Weeks to go

    The Boston Marathon is rapidly approaching! How is your training going? I was away for business last week and only managed two treadmill runs. One was 6.61 and the other was two miles. Not much but better than nothing. Boston Marathon Training on the Road Training while traveling can be a challenge. Running shoes take…

  • I Fell for The Friends of The Middlesex Fells 10K

    I Fell for The Friends of The Middlesex Fells 10K

    The Friends of The Middlesex Fells held their second annual Middlesex Fells 10K and 5K on Sunday, November 5th at Medford High School. Melrose Running Club Sponsors Friends of The Middlesex Fells Races The Melrose Running Club was a sponsor of the race this year. The MRC supports local races by providing volunteers and financial…

  • I’m over trained?

    I’m over trained? I feel like the laziest marathon runner in the world. Sure I do my long runs and put together plans that I never follow. I never run 50-100 miles per week. People who work at the marathon run those miles. I’m too lazy for that. How could I possibly be over trained? Last…