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  • Abandoned Properties

    Abandoned Properties

    Once a year I go through each of my social media accounts. Every time I do this I find Abandoned Properties. What are Social Media Abandoned Properties? You’ve probably guessed what I mean already. Abandoned properties are accounts where the author has stopped writing, updating or maintaining their account. You may be one of these people.…

  • How to use Twitter Lists

    How to use Twitter Lists

    I started using Twitter about three years ago. As a blogger trying to reach as wide of an audience as possible, it made sense to create an account and engage with this community. Like any other social media platform, I soon found there were thousands of interesting people and communities that I wanted to follow.…

  • Twitamax


    “Panamax” refers to the size limits of ships that can pass through the Panama Canal. Any ship that exceeds the length, width and draft limitations “shall not pass.” I recently experienced Twitamax Twitamax is when you follow more than 2,000 Tweeters. When you hit the 2,000 mark, Twitter imposes rules on how many additional Tweeters you can follow. Twitter’s…