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Today we remember

Often before I get into the shower I will pop open the window to help vent the room without using the ceiling vent. This morning as I stepped out of the shower I heard the sound of a commercial airliner at a low altitude over the house. As I glanced out of the window I noticed how clear and blue the sky was. And then it struck me, that today is 9/11.

We live on one of the lesser used flight paths into Logan, so I’m used to hearing jets over the house. But today the engines just sounded different. They sounded so much like the engines on the second plane. Maybe it’s just my imagination.

As I took the elevator to my office this morning I thought of the folks in New York City eleven years ago doing the same thing at about the same time. What were they thinking about? How did they feel? Had they just dropped the kids off at school. Were they still stewing over a fight with the spouse?

Take a moment today to remember those who never made it out and those that were left behind.

Today we remember, pub-4167727599129474, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0