How to Work From Home

We all know how to work from home. But how do you do it for weeks or months? How do you manage kids, work and a bit of time to decompress and keep up with events?

Are your friends stressing about working from home? Here is some advice on how to do it. Click To TweetI’ve worked from home on many occasions.

Usually it’s due to a storm, an appointment or I have a contractor dropping by the house.

So I know how to work from home, but this time it’s different.

When you work from home for a day, a dip in productivity is to be expected. Usually there is something else going on and you don’t have access to everything you have in the office.

But, it’s only one day. That’s easy enough to make up.

Right now we’re not sure how many days we’ll have to work from home.

How do we maintain a level of productivity that allows the businesses we work for to be successful?

How to Work From Home

There are no two ways about this, it’s going to be a challenge. This is especially true if you have children at home.

Working with Children

Teenagers will get board but they have social media, TV and even a phone to talk with their friends.

You should get more quality work time from them and they should understand what is going on. In several states the governor is pretty clear about staying home and how dire the situation appears.

If you have youngsters, you will have your hands full. You know that and it probably freaks you out a bit.

How the hell are you going to do this?

It won’t be easy and you won’t be your old productive self. Any boss worth their salt will understand this and cut you some slack. It’s a two-way street.

You will need to be as organized and disciplined as possible. 

No one wants to park their kids in front of the TV all day and young kids can only entertain themselves for so long. You need a plan.

As a parent you are the entertainer in chief.

You may have home work for the kids or a good book collection for them. Still, you need to manage homework time and probably read those books.

If you have a back yard I would advise to get your kids outside each day. Maybe an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. In my city the parks are closed, so you need a yard to go outside and play.

This outside time allows your kids to have fun and get some fresh air. Here in New England we are big believers in fresh air. Even in the middle of the winter my mother would often tell us to go outside.

The play time and fresh air will help your kids burn off some of that endless energy and help them burn off some of the stress we all feel.

Depending on how old they are, you may have to be outside the entire time with them. But you may be able to get in a quick call or two. Maybe even answer an email.

If your yard is safe and your kids are older, you might be able to do the dishes or do some cleaning while they are outside.

With kids outside I think it would be difficult to dig into a work project. You always need to keep an eye and an ear open when the kids are outside.

This physical activity is vital to your productivity.

It can be challenging to get kids to take a nap. Getting them outside to burn off some energy and stress is your best bet to get an hour or two of quiet time.

Time Management

Kids or no kids, you have to manage your time.

Morning Commute Crosswalk With no commute or need to get dressed or make lunch, it’s easy to loose track of time.

As a parent, you need the time before your kids get up to get as much work done as possible. When they take their naps you need to use that precious time to get things done.

If you live by your self or don’t have kids at home, I think it’s even easier for time to slip away. At least kids get up in the morning and force you to maintain some of your regular routine.

It’s easy to get distracted at home. There are chores to do, your family, the TV, the fridge. And who doesn’t want to go outside for a walk or run when it’s a nice day?

If you are home with your spouse and the kids, take turns working and taking care of the kids. You have to tag team on this.

Each of you needs quiet and alone time to focus on work. This isn’t mean or anti social. Each of you needs to contribute as much as you can to your organization and your organization is relying on you.

It would be selfish to expect your spouse to neglect their job while you work away all day.

Getting out of bed at a regular time and getting dressed for work will help you get into the right frame of mind. If you can shower without waking the kids or your spouse, that is always a good idea!

If your kids see you dressed for work, they are more likely to understand that this is not an extended stay cation.

Sleep Management

It’s important to go to bed at your normal time. This helps maintain part of your routine and some sense of order.

Getting your normal hours of sleep helps you stay healthy.  You also need your rest to take care of your kids and be productive in your job.

I certainly enjoy the opportunity to sleep in a bit on the weekends. Without your commute and the need to get the kids to school, you should be able to get some extra sleep in the morning.

You can use this time to your advantage. The entire family can get some extra sleep, just not as much for you.

With kids, this quiet time in the morning is  your golden hour. Grab some coffee and your laptop and get to work.

The kids will be coming for you soon!

When I go into the office, I find the early hours of the day to be my most productive. I can get through a ton of email and get on top of requests and issues.

So get some extra sleep but make sure you get up well before the kids.

A Quiet Place all Your Own

Work From Home OfficeAfter figuring out how to take care of the kids, this is probably the most important thing.

You really need a place where you can set up your computer, phone and papers.

Some people can work on a smart phone. Some people have a work laptop and a cell phone.

My company is fairly sophisticated. We can forward our phones to our laptops and use a headset or we can forward calls to our cell phones.

All of us also use two screens in the office. On a normal work from home day I just have my laptop.

Over the weekend I found an old LCD display in the basement. I thought I had two. Now I have my laptop and a 1990’s 17″ display. It’s better than 15.4″ of real estate.

We can also access all of our applications, tools and data from home or anywhere in the world.

Even with all of this, I have paper! I have a note book and things I’ve printed out for reference.

WomI’ve taken over the dinning room and my wife has the kitchen. We’re only about ten feet away from each other so simultaneous conference calls should be fun!

What ever space you can claim as your own is vital.

We may be in this for a while and you need a place where you can set up and leave your stuff there if possible.

Working from Home Recap

If you have kids, you have to figure that part out first. If you are a single parent try to work something out with you manager or company.

We are all in this together. If your manager knows you have kids and still demands eight hours of highly productive time, you may want to start looking around.

Time management and maintaining a routine are important. You need to spend as much time doing productive work as possible.

You also have to make sure you don’t slip into a twelve-hour work day. Your productivity is not going to be 100% and you may feel you need to extend your day to compensate.

But we don’t know how long this situation will last. Can you imagine eight or twelve weeks of twelve-hour days? You need some time every day to decompress and spend time with your family or call them.

We’re going to be isolated enough, so manage your work and personal time.

Even if you can only get the kitchen table, find a way to own it. People can eat elsewhere. Use a shopping or tote bag to collect your papers and work material if you do have to give up your work space.

A designated work space and a designated work time are crucial to maintaining your productivity.

For those of us with older kids or no kids, this will be a challenging time. There are so many things to be worried about.

If you have young kids work something out with your boss right away. There needs to be an understanding and expectations need to be established and possibly revisited.

Maintaining some of your normal routine helps with your productivity. Maintaining some structure to your schedule will also help your kids cope

This is new territory for all of us.

Stay Healthy my Friends,


First Run in 10 Days

With so many distractions, it has been a challenge getting out for a run. I’m not even sure when my next race will happen.

I’ve been holding off posting anything for the past week or so.

I’m still kind of in disbelief about what is going on around us and very close to us.

And while the world seems to be wobbling on it’s axis, my mother has been to the ED twice. Thankfully not for COVID-19, but still some serious shit.

The last place anyone wants to be during a pandemic is at a hospital. That’s where all the sick people are. And that isn’t a joke.

Being preoccupied with my mother’s health and that of the world, writing about running seems trivial.

My office is closed and I’ve been on a combination of vacation time to spend time with my mother and working from home.

The weeks never end and the weekend just has fewer emails that need a response. And what day of the week is it anyway?

First Run in 10 Days

Running is a great way to bust stress and step away from the world. I know this. I really do.

Running is that magic pill that cures so many ills.

I’ve just been so washed out lately that I haven’t been able to help my self.

I’m tired, I’m stressed and I have a crap ton of worry.

Saturday I finally went on that run I’ve been telling my self to go on for a week.

I had to make an effort. There was nothing automatic or easy about getting into my gear.

Every one thinks of me as a runner, but I’m not a coin operated boy. Some times it takes everything I’ve got to go and do it.

The first two miles were an effort. I wanted to run six miles but I didn’t know if I’d make it to three. I had to work my self up to caring.

I did the neighborhood watch run as I call it. I run up and down the streets in my neighborhood and am never more than a half mile from home.

You can see from the map below that one street ended at a park. It was the end of the street and I was turning around anyway, but there was literally a sign of the times on the fence.

All city parks are closed until further notice. It wasn’t just a Facebook post from the city anymore.

First Run in 10 Days, Neighborhood Watch Run

The Neighborhood Watch Run is a great way to see what is going on and see things I miss when I drive by. Most of these streets I never drive on.

When my watch chimed four miles I knew I would hit six miles.

My legs felt okay and I was just plodding along. No time goals, only a miles goal.

I also decided that I could do five or six miles each day for the rest of the month.

I can’t say it felt great. But when I got back it somehow felt normal.

Stay Healthy my Friends.


How to Make Yogurt (The Easy Way)

Most of us buy yogurt in those little plastic cups and have no idea how to make yogurt. It must be complicated, right?

The Easy Way to Make Yogurt

Recently I received a complimentary yogurt making kit from Probiotic Maker in exchange for my review.

Probiotic Maker KitIt turns out that making great yogurt is very easy. The folks at Probiotic Maker send you everything you need.

The kit contains an automatic temperature control sleeve that fits over a gallon or half gallon of milk and automatically maintains the correct temperature to make yogurt.

yogurt culture starter packsThe kit also came with six yogurt starter packs. While the automatic temperature control sleeve takes the guess work out of making yogurt, the real magic is in the starter packs.

All yogurt needs a culture to turn milk into yogurt or kefir. Most commercial yogurts and kefirs have one or two strains of ProBiotic bacteria.

The starter packs from Probiotic Maker contain eleven strains of probiotic bacteria:

• Lactobacillus acidophilus
• Lactobacillus rhamnosus
• Bifidobacterium lactis
• Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus
• Lactobacillus casei
• Streptococcus thermophilus
• Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris
• Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. lactis
• Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis
• Leuconostoc mesenteroides ssp. cremoris
• Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis biovar. diacetylactis

This list contains bacteria that thrive in medium heat (mesophilic) and bacteria that thrive in higher heat (hermaphilic).

probiotic maker, probiotics, yogurt

The automatic temperature control sleeve maintains the milk at a constant 98.6° F to maximize growth of all eleven strains.

This gives you the best of yogurt and kefir. Commercial products give you  one or two stains of either mesophilic or hermaphilic bacteria, not a combination of eleven strains.

A wider variety of probiotics provides greater health benefits.

I’ve mentioned kefir a few times. If you are not familiar, it is a drinkable form of yogurt with different cultures (mesophilic) than those found in yogurt (hermaphilic). You should be able to find kefir in the milk cooler at your store.

I’ve only seen flavored kefir. It’s a great drink for breakfast or to make smoothies. But it costs more than milk and comes pre-sweetened.

When you make your own yogurt or kefir, you control all of the ingredients.

How to Make Yogurt at Home

The instructions are very simple.

Start with a fresh gallon of milk

Fresh Milk
Add a complete starter pack

Probiotic Maker Yogurt Culture Pack
Replace the cap and shake to mix in the starter culture
Slip on the automatic temperature control sleeve, plug it in

How to make Yogurt at Home
And leave it alone!

The automatic temperature control sleeve maintains the temperature for you. You don’t have to worry about it over heating and killing your cultures. And you don’t have to worry about it not getting warm enough to get the cultures to grow.

Leave it alone for eight or nine hours and let nature take it’s course.

My test and review

I used gallons of 2% milk to make two batches of yogurt.

It really was as easy as I described above. The toughest part was starting it at the right time of day.

It takes at least eight hours to make. I made one batch over night and another on a Saturday afternoon.

The longer you let it process the thicker the yogurt. Ten hours is about as long as you want to let it set.

When using gallon jugs to make yogurt you don’t want a thick yogurt or you’d have to cut the top off to get the yogurt out.

Also as the bacteria consume all of the sugar in the milk they will die off. To get the probiotic benefits of yogurt you want live and active cultures.

The other thing to remember is not to shake the milk. Leave it alone while the bacteria do their job. Then carefully place the jug in the fridge to cool.

If you use fat free milk you will get a layer of whey at the top of the jug.

Here is a video to explain the process and learn more about Probiotics.

My batches of Yogurt

I let the first batch sit for about eight hours. Since I used 2% milk I didn’t have any whey to pour off.

I removed the automatic temperature control sleeve and placed the jug in the fridge for a few hours.

After just eight hours the yogurt was pretty thick and chugged out of the bottle.

That first taste of pure, fresh yogurt was a little tart.

I took a pint glass, added some vanilla extract and a teaspoon of sugar and mixed it up. That was really good!

I let my second batch go for nine hours. The directions say it should be more sour the longer you let it set, but my second batch seemed less tart.

yogurt parfait The thickness was about the same as the eight hour batch. I need to try a ten hour batch this weekend.

I found that a pint of yogurt with a little vanilla and teaspoon of sugar made a great desert or breakfast drink.

One Sunday after a long run I made a smoothie with a banana, chia seeds and vanilla. It was filling and very satisfying.

Good for you and the Environment

A gallon of yogurt is the equivalent of 32 cups of yogurt. It seems that the average price for a yogurt at the grocery store is $1.00 with many well above that.

A gallon of milk costs about $3.00 right now and you get a package of six starter packs for $19.00 or about $3.15 each. Call it $7.00 even for everything.

That is the equivalent of paying less than 22 cents per cup of yogurt! A 75% savings over commercial yogurt.

Not only are you saving money but you control how much sugar goes into your yogurt and there are no preservatives.

Instead of throwing away 32 yogurt cups and tops, you have one recyclable milk jug.

Quite often milk is sourced fairly local while yogurt may be shipped from half-way across the country.

Most other yogurt makers look like a crock pot. One more item to have on your counter or stuffed into the closet or draw.

The Probiotic Maker is easy to store and wipes clean.

If you made it this far, I have a discount code for you. Use this link to ProbioticMaker and use discount code OMNIRUNNER1 to get a 50% discount on a Probiotic Maker kit!

This offer is limited to the first three people to place their order. You don’t get a 50% discount very often so they have to place limits.

The kit comes with the automatic temperature control sleeve and two starter packs. Additional packages of six starters are $19.00.

Let me know what you think after you make your first batch at info at

Run well my Friends!


Rhode Master Series 2020

Looking to run Rhode Island in 2020? Check out the Rhode Master Series of Marathons and Half Marathons. Sign up for the series and receive VIP perks.

2020 Rhode Island Rhode Master Series

The Rhode Master Series consists of five Rhode races in five cities and towns across Rhode Island.

The first race in April takes place in Newport and the last race in October takes place in Narragansett.

You can take your pick of five half marathons and three marathons, with three events consisting of both distances.

Sign up for the series and run 3, 4 or 5 of the races. As a Rhode Master Series runner you will receive discounts on registration fees, an exclusive medal that will “complete” the series, swag just for series runners and special sponsor discounts for series runners.

Information on the series is here.

Featured in my post, New England Marathons Fall, you can receive 15% off the Narragansett Marathon or Half.

This discount is normally reserved for Rhode Master Series runners who run at least three races.

Ocean State Rhode Races – Narragansett

Narragansett, RI |  25 October 2020 – Sunday – 7:30 AM

rhode island marathon, fall marathons

The Marathon starts at 7:30AM, Half at 8AM and the 5K at 8:15AM.

Narragansett is the final stop in the Rhode Master Series and you are sure to see many Rhode Masters receive their series medal.

This race harkens back to the original Ocean State Marathon with the start in Narragansett Beach.

It follows beautiful Rt 1a and showcases wonderful ocean views, old stone walls, working farms, estuaries and kayak stands. It really is a pretty one.

It is a smaller marathon so you won’t have to fight through crowds of people at the start to achieve your PR or BQ.  The marathon is a Boston Qualifier.

These races feature FREE PHOTOS and a secured bag check at the start.

Registration is open –   $90 for the Marathon, $60 for the Half and $28 for the 5K.

Exclusively for Omni Running readers – get 15% off of registration when you use code OMNIFAN. Click here to go to the registration page.

Next price increase is July 5th, 2020.

Rhode Races & Events is committed to recycling at this year’s Ocean State Rhode Races. Road Races create a lot of waste, but we’ll reduce our footprint by diverting hundreds of pounds of cardboard boxes, water jugs, and plastic bottles from the landfill.

To learn more about our race day efforts and how you can help – please click this link.  Additionally – all clothing discarded at the start of the race will be donated to North American Family Institute.

Run Rhode Island well my Friends,


Black Holes and Dead Ends The New Millennium

A few strategies I use to manage my social media and email accounts to avoid being sucked into the black hole.

Managing Black Holes and Dead Ends

By “black hole” I mean those things in our life that suck up our valuable time. Here I’m specifically referring to email and social media.

I have multiple email accounts full of unread emails. At the end of 2019 I spent considerable time cleaning those accounts. I purged a lot, cancelled subscriptions and read a lot.

The reading a lot is the real time suck. It’s easy to go down the list and delete messages that are months old or that have uninteresting subject lines.

But some emails are from bloggers who write great articles full of interesting and valuable information.

Often, I end up saving them to a mailbox with the intent of getting back to read them the next time I have a few hours.

This is a bad habit. If I didn’t read the email months ago, how likely am I to go back and read it in two more months. Not very likely.

I have gotten better at letting these older emails go.

If I don’t keep up with the reading and purging, these accounts fill up quickly again.

So Many Accounts so Little Time

I have email accounts to receive special offers and newsletters from companies. The problem with many companies is that they send multiple emails each day.

Do they really think anyone is reading these emails?

Those accounts are easy to clean out and I get to them about once a week.

For work I have two email accounts and subscribe to multiple newsletters and web sites that send me stuff every day.

Getting curated articles sent to me is the only way to keep up with industry developments. I’m in healthcare IT, so things are changing rapidly.

I get sucked into the black hole with these emails when they are highly relevant to my work. Being in the office it’s easy to look up and realize that it’s time to get back to work.

As a blogger, I have more email accounts than most people. I can’t possibly keep up with all of them all of the time. I follow almost 300 bloggers and businesses and receive a tremendous volume of emails from them.

The pull of this black hole is even stronger. I would not have followed these bloggers unless I thought they had something to say.

As a blogger, I spend a lot of time at the keyboard and productive writing time is limited.

To manage the black holes and remain productive, I’ve come up with a few strategies.

Strategies to manage Black Holes

To get anything done and still have time for work and a life, you have to actively manage your email and social media accounts.

Here are my strategies.

Monitor several email accounts daily on your phone. When I have a minute I go into an account and clean it up. I’ve found that if I spend 5 minutes a day on these accounts I can keep them under control.

By segregating different types of emails into different accounts or mailboxes, it can be quite easy to clean up the commercial emails.

The account where I receive blogger email is tougher to clear on my phone, but if I can read or clear 20% during the day I have fewer distractions during my productive writing time.

Content Specific Email Accounts

As I mentioned before, I have email accounts for specific purposes.

I have a few email accounts that I use for Omni Running. To keep these accounts under control I manage them daily.

These are high volume accounts, but receive mostly high interest emails. I have very few general interest emails going to these accounts.

I can’t possibly manage these accounts on 5 minutes a day. My strategy is to scrub these accounts about every three months. I do manage to clean out some email daily, but the deluge is too much to keep up with.

My work email accounts receive a barrage of email daily. I manage to keep on top of these in real time as it is part of my job.

Many emails are from customers and colleagues and need to be addressed in a timely fashion. Other emails are from vendors, partners or industry web sites and newsletters.

It’s the industry related emails that are the real black hole here. Many have fascinating articles and information that I need for my job.

My strategy here is to only read what is truly important to my work. Interesting is not enough, it has to be important for my work. I don’t have time to be entertained or learn about things not central to my work.

By segregating different types of email into different accounts, it is possible to keep the clutter out of your main email accounts and still see the interesting but non essential emails.

Strategies to manage Dead Ends

404 Error, dead ends
Image Credit –

This brings me to Dead Ends.

I follow close to 300 bloggers. Over any three month period several bloggers will abandon their blog.

New bloggers often decide blogging isn’t for them or they don’t have the time to write, so they shut things down.

Some blogs are removed and some are just abandoned. While I no longer receive emails from these blogs, sometimes I’ll go to a blog to see what’s new.

When I find an abandoned blog, a dead end, I’ve just wasted valuable keyboard time.

Blogs turn into dead ends for other reasons also. Sometimes I loose interest in the blogger’s topic or they change direction. Until I click “unfollow” their emails continue to flow into my mail box.

It’s easy to delete the bloggers who gave up. The ones I’ve lost interest in are harder to delete. I’m always hopeful they will have something interesting to say, and  don’t want to miss it. I usually give these guys a few passes, but eventually they get cut.

When I do my email clean up, I delete the abandoned blogs from my feed also.

Twitter Black Holes and Dead Ends

Twitter can be another massive time suck. The torrent of tweets never slows. Not only do you get tweets from people you follow, you also get tweets from people who pay to get in front of you.

A few times a year I go in and clean out tweeters I’ve lost interest in. I also clean out the hyper active tweeters and the dormant tweeters. Some twitter accounts can send 20 or more tweets a day!

To manage the Tweeters I do want to follow I’ve been using lists to keep things organized. By grouping Tweeters it makes it easier to find tweets relevant to what I’m interested in or working on.

See my post on using Twitter Lists.

Black Holes and Dead Ends

With limited time to read and write, I’ve had to develop and practice these strategies. I’m still buried, but I am actively trying to manage the situation so that I can spend more time reading what really interests me, and of course trying to write what really interests you.

  • Are you buried in emails?
  • How many email accounts do you have?
  • Do you un-follow and un-subscribe?

Read well my friends and watch out for black holes!


Longest Run of 2020 so far

Sometimes a long run doesn’t go as planned. I thought twelve miles would be good then dropped back to ten. One wrong turn and I ran almost 14 miles! 19 degrees turned out to be the least of my worries!

Sunday was the Melrose Running Club’s 6th long run of 2020.

I’ve missed the last two runs due to conflicts with races. On February 2nd we ran the Super Sunday race and on January 26th, we ran The Great Stew Chase 15K.

My weekly miles have been pretty low so far and my longest run this year was The Great Stew Chase at 15K or 9.53 miles for me.

The full long run this Sunday was 16.2 and I decided that 12 miles would be enough for me. You really don’t want your weekly long run to by twice as long as any of your previous week’s runs.

I’ve read that the long run should be no more than six miles longer than your longest week day training run. I find that a tough rule to follow.

At shorter distances you can get away with increasing your long run to 150% of your longest weekly run.

So you could go from running 6 mile training runs to a 9 mile long run. You can definitely go from running fours to a 6 mile long run.

The key is to take the long run easier than your shorter week day runs.  Most of us would not run a half marathon at our 5K pace. The same thing applies to your weekly long run.

Longest Run of 2020

When I reviewed the 16.2 mile route I figured that I could cut it back to twelve miles easily.

At about 5.5 miles I took a right and the long run people turned left. My plan was working.

I made my way back to the water stop and had two cups of Gatorade/water and headed out. One of the long runners left the water stop just ahead of me and I followed him. I knew there was a turn coming up that I always miss.

I made the turn and Mike Sikkema caught up and passed me. I managed to keep Mike in sight long enough to see him take the right turn onto Main Street/ Rt. 28 in Stoneham.

Sunday Long Run 6, longest run of 2020This took us along the back side of Spot Pond. I didn’t think of it at the time, but I wanted to go straight and run the front side of the pond.

That was my crucial error.

I was now running by my self but knew where I was and all of the turns.

Soon after the wrong turn my watch chimed in for mile eight.

After I left the long run group I decided that ten miles was a better idea than twelve.

This route is very hilly and my quads were beginning to feel it.

When my watch hit eight miles on the back side of Spot Pond, I knew I was in trouble. There was no way to turn this run into 10 miles from this point in the run.

I had left my phone in my car and only had $5 in my pocket. There was no way to bail on this one.

A Bridge Too Far

As my watch hit nine miles I went under a Rt. 93 bridge. It was definitely a bridge too far.

My pace was still pretty good at 9:24 but I was fading fast.

The next turn was a left onto Elm Street in Medford and another hill. I then took a right onto Highland Ave at the rotary by Flynn Ice Rink. I thought there was a water stop there, but I didn’t recognize the car.

I avoid trying to open trunks of unknown cars.

It was a cold day, so it was okay.

As I continued down Highland I knew the next turn would put me on East Border Road. This is another hilly section which would dump me onto the freakin Fellsway East.

When I got to the second rise in the hill on East Border Road I decided to walk. I hit mile 11 just after cresting that hill and began to run down to the intersection.

Mile eleven came in at 10:34. At this point I wasn’t too concerned with my pace. I was more concerned with surviving to run another day.

I wasn’t cold or depleted but my left knee was beginning to act up. My body just wasn’t prepared for this many miles.

I took the left onto The Fellsway and cursed my self for not turning left at the rotary instead of right. With that turn I would have run about twelve miles and avoided these bloody hills!

I walked some of these hills and ran the down hills as best I could. While running down the last Fells hill I hit mile twelve. That was my stretch goal for the day and I knew I had at least another mile and half to go!

I ran to the intersection with West Wyoming Street and was able to cross the street quickly. Traffic was light and people let me go.

I was now on the home stretch and my knee was telling me to stop.

After mile thirteen I decided to walk. I was beyond anything I had planned and who cared anyway?

As a runner approached I waved and they didn’t even acknowledge me. I guess you don’t look like a fellow runner when you are walking.

As I neared the rail road tracks I started running and kept on until I turned the corner onto Main Street. My ankle and knee were both killing me. Than I “ran” in the last bit to the finish but didn’t have the juice to round it out to 13.75.

13.72 miles was quite enough, thank you!

Hydration and recovery

I went into Brueggers, got an ice coffee and sat with friends for about ten minutes before heading home. As I sat there I could feel both calves getting ready to cramp.

On the way I drank a BodyArmor sport drink which has electrolytes and a variety of vitamins.

After a nice hot shower I applied some arnica gel to both knees and slipped my Body Helix knee compression sleeve onto my left knee.

I recently reviewed the Body Helix compression wraps. I’ve been using the knee wrap for a few weeks as needed and it seems to help.

I don’t get a commission, but you can get 10% off any Body Helix Compression Wraps you buy with code BH10RUN.

I hope you had a good long run this weekend and one that went according to plan.

Run well my Friends!