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Thousands of runners to compete in Ashworth Awards Baystate Marathon, Half Marathon on Sunday morning

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Baystate booked early

The web site shows that the marathon sold out on August 22nd and that the half sold out on September 27th. It’s nice to see that all 4,000 numbers were spoken and paid for. That is always a big relief for the race organizers who rely on registration fees to cover their expenses.

I didn’t realize the race hasn’t sold out in four years. I ran the race last year and while standing in line for the porta-potties, it seemed pretty sold out to me!

bostons run to rememberBaystate will have more porta-potties than last year, 70 in total. The Tsongas Arena also has bathrooms, though they are limited. An arena that size seems to have too few men’s rooms and too few stalls once you get in there.

It seems that more and more races are selling our before race day. Some sell out weeks or months before the gun goes off. I’ve already signed up for Boston’s Run to Remember. I got a sweet deal of $60.00! I paid $70 last year and I’m pretty sure I signed up early for that race also. In 2012 I was on vacation during sign up and missed out.

  • Have you missed out on a race that sold out quickly?
  • How do you feel about the increasing popularity of running?

Are you running Baystate? Are you getting excited yet!

Run well my friends,


Oscar Pistorius found innocent

Oscar Pistorius Did Not Intentionally Kill Girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, Judge Rules

A South African judge made her ruling this morning. Oscar could still be found guilty of other charges including culpable homicide and weapons charges.

oscar pistorius, reeva steenkamp
Reeva and Oscar

I had great respect for Oscar as an athlete. In every interview he was gracious and humble. After the shooting I was not sure what to think, and still am not sure how I feel.

He did kill Reeva, he was at the very least reckless. We will never know what was in his heart and mind that evening. We can only hope that the court was able to see enough of the truth to make a correct verdict.

ABC News has coverage with video clips.

  • What do you think?
  • Was justice served?
  • Is his career over?


Robin Williams Tribute

I was shocked to hear that Robin Williams died yesterday and that it was suicide. Often these great talents are tortured souls, and Robin had more than his fair share of demons.

We all heard of the cocaine abuse and alcoholism. There were also several divorces and who knows what other troubles both, great and small, that no doubt weighed on him. The public never heard about and had no business knowing about these personal demons. I hope over the coming weeks we will not be inundated with every little foible and slip up the man ever made.

Who are we to judge, and who of us has arrived at this point in our lives undamaged and without fault or bad behavior?

I’ll never forget Mork. I took a first date to “Good Morning Vietnam.” Not a great first date movie, but what a performance. When I saw the list of movies he was in, I realized I had seen most of them. Unusual for any actor. But Robin was not any actor.

He had an amazing wit and ability to improvise on just about anything. Can you imagine “Alladin” without his crazy riffing? “Goodwill Hunting” was an amazing movie on so many levels and Robin won the award he had deserved for so many performances. His talent was broad and truly amazing.

We will miss you Robin. I hope you have found the peace that you could not find in this life.

Read this blog post from “Lifes Little Eppiphenies” for some personal insight.


AIDS Walk Boston & 5K Run

AIDS Walk Boston 5K Run is Sunday

I have signed up to participate in this event to help raise money for HIV/AIDS awareness, education, treatment and research. While many of us do not know someone personally with HIV/AIDS it is still important to keep research towards a cure moving forward.

AIDS Walk Boston,fund raising

The Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard has a talented group of scientist and researchers working diligently to find a cure. Vast amounts of money have been pledged to support the efforts of The Institute.

As many of us will recall, AIDS was once a death sentence. In the 80’s the mortality rate was virtually 100%. Today many people live with HIV and never progress to AIDS. Many with AIDS have been able to live full and productive lives due to the efforts of researchers and scientists at places such as The Ragon Institute.

Live well my friends,


© Andrew nagelin 2014

And the City Smiled

Boston Comes Alive!

When you go to a race do you ever get the feeling that the city or town is consumed with the event?

That they have been planning for us; they have been waiting for us. The big day has arrived and the pulse of the community has quickened with excitement.

Towns Big and Small

New Bedford is alive for The New Bedford Half Marathon. Hartford is pulsating with energy when the Hartford Marathon Foundation rolls out their Marathon weekend. In July 2013, I ran the Jennifer Tinney Memorial 5K in Boxford and it felt like the whole town was there for us.

lubec, light house, down east
Maine St. – Lubec

In June 2014 I travelled to Lubec, Maine for the Bay of Fundy International Marathon. If felt like the town of Lubec and Island of Campobello had rolled out the red carpet for us. These are both small communities and runners brought a lot of excitement, activity and money with them.

We runners brought home many warm feelings for the members of these communities.

For many little towns, race day is like a freight train coming down the tracks in the middle of the night: you can hear it coming for miles before it arrives, there is a brief whirlwind of commotion and then it fades off into the dark silence. The big event is over. Peace and quiet ensues.

I love races that inject a city or town so full of life it perspires. There is life and excitement where daily there may be calm and quiet: cups of coffee and letters in the mail. Months of planning and organizing culminate in a few brief hours of excitement and exhilaration. A job well done, a race well run. Memories to last a life time.

And the City Smiled

This weekend it is Boston’s turn to perspire. The hue over the city is just a bit brighter as more than 35,000 runners descend on The Hynes Convention Center and the restaurants and bars in the surround. The hotel front desk and concierge are just a bit busier with enthusiastic out of town guests. Many more excited by their first Boston than their first visit to Boston.

Even in a city as large and vibrant as Boston there is a heightened level of energy this weekend. There is a community and commonality among visitor and local. Every where you look there is a runner or someone in a Boston Marathon jacket. Non runners look at runners with a glint in their eye and a smile on the lips.

Something big is coming and we are all in on it.

and the city smiled

Run well my friends, see you in Boston!


© anagelin 2014


Boston Marathon Runners Rules

Boston Marathon Runners Rules in brief

Tuesday night I was speaking with some runners who were not familiar the new rules or the new bus boarding schedule. I thought I’d pull together what I know to try and help.

While we cannot pack for expedition like we used to, we will also spend less time waiting in Hopkinton.

I’m an early riser, and used to grab one of the first buses out of Boston. This year you can only board buses according to your bib color which corresponds to your wave.

  • Wave One loads up at 6:15AM
  • Wave Two at 7:00AM
  • Wave Three at 8:00AM
  • Wave Four at 8:45AM.

I have BAA graphics below which show your wave bus boarding times and when your wave will start the race.

I’m in Wave 4 Corral 2. My corral starts loading at 10:50, I want to be on one of the 8:45 buses so I’ll have time to use the facilities and soak up some of the energy in the Runners Village.

By having us take buses according to our start times, the BAA limits the time we will be hanging out in Hopkinton. If you only have an hour in Hopkinton before your start, you will be too busy to be cold and probably just enough time to get through a porta-potty line.

Check your Runner Passport for your Wave and Corral and plan your bus boarding accordingly. And don’t forget to bring your Runner Passport and ID to pick up your bib at the Runners Expo.

After the shenanigans at the Finish Line Tuesday, I don’t think they will be cutting anyone any slack.

Here is the info right from the BAA’s website.

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